Kailyn Lowry has a lot going on in life. Aside from filming “Teen Mom 2,” she is also co-hosting a podcast. It has gotten a lot of attention in recent weeks. Lowry's co-host is Lindsie Chrisley, and the two are a riot together. A few of the “Teen Mom 2” cast members have been on the show. Javi Marroquin and Leah Messer have both been featured guests. They have garnered a lot of attention, mostly from other co-stars.

Jenelle gets upset

Recently, Jenelle Evans has come for Kailyn Lowry on Twitter. She is upset that Leah Messer mentioned her name. There were a whole series of tweets about this very thing.

Evans is under the impression that Lowry needs to use her name to help with the podcast and ratings. That is untrue, especially because the podcast has been downloaded several times before she was even mentioned. Jenelle is one of those iffy characters in life. She has not been friendly with her “Teen Mom 2” co-stars in a few years now.

In an exclusive statement to Blasting News, Kailyn Lowry addresses the Jenelle Evans controversy.

Here is what the reality star had to say about Evans' comments; “I don’t need Jenelle for podcast ratings. But she can say what she wants to me on the podcast if she wants. I’d welcome her on to say what she wants to, to my face. I think it would help her to be on my podcast more than it would help me to mention her on my podcast.

Just saying.” Lowry went on to say; “As a matter of fact, I’m going to try to get her Mom, Barbara, on my podcast. I can’t wait to see what Jenelle will have to say then.” Mentioning Barbara is sure to get a reaction from Jenelle, though one is expected at this point anyway. Kailyn also commented; “Also, for Jenelle to say I use anyone I can to gain whatever I can?

What did I gain by having Leah on my podcast? I don't give a f**k. Jenelle bashes me every chance she gets too so it's a problem when I do it? “ Finally, Lowry continued; “I'll remain true to my story in the sense that I’ll talk about my life or things that come up,” Lowry added. "But I don't have to hit her with low blows or personal sh*t like she does. I speak facts and about what everyone already sees for themselves on the show and social media.”

Kailyn's recent projects

Aside from doing the podcast, Kailyn Lowry has been working on building an empire for her sons. She recently revealed that she was writing a book to her sons, and it is currently available to be pre-ordered now. Also, you can find her wild and crazy life on her new YouTube channel. Subscribing to it will keep you up to date on all things Kail and the Chaos. Despite some rocky times, the “Teen Mom 2” star seems to be in a good place right now, and that is a good feeling.