It is time for the new show "Bachelor Winter Games" and there are going to be a ton of love stories on this show. This is a new show that only lasts for two weeks. Reality Steve shared all the spoilers today about who will end up coupling up on the show and this is one you do not want to miss. There is love to be found and it will happen on "Bachelor Winter Games" this season.

What you can expect on this series

This show will bring in contestants that have been on the USA version of the show, but also from other countries, which will make it interesting.

Reality Steve teased that one guy barely speaks any English, which should be pretty interesting. It will air twice a week for two weeks. Every episode will have competitions with winners and the people who win get date cards. There is a winner at the end, but they don't get a money prize or anything and Reality Steve shared that there are also not any engagements. It is a bit odd that it ended this way, but this is a new show that is totally different than anything they have done in the past.

Who ends up together in the end?

First off, Ashley I will finally find love and even lose her virginity. She ends up with Kevin who was on "The Bachelorette" in Canada. Kevin will flirt with Ashley and Bibiana both, but ends up with Ashley in the end.

Christian from Germany and Benoit from Canada both want to date Clare, but she has to pick just one in the end.

Rebecca and Luke do end up going on a date on the first episode of the show. Josiah and Lily make out and so do Courtney and Lily right away. Courtney and Lily are still a couple at the end of the show and Josiah is with Stassi at the end of the four episodes.

One big couple that comes out of this show is Lesley and Dean. Fans love Dean Unglert and really want to see him find love. So far, these two are still together after the show and it is looking great for them. It will be interesting to see if these two can make it last. Fans have talked about wanting to see Dean on the show "The Bachelor" as the lead, but this might not happen now.

It is great that Ashley I and Dean Unglert have finally found love. These two are fan favorites that everyone wants to see great things for and hopefully, they are finally getting their happy endings.

Are you excited to see this new show "Bachelor Winter Games"? Do you think that this show will come back again? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes on Tuesday and Thursday nights each week.