Kylie Jenner went to Instagram yesterday to share the exciting news that she just had her baby girl. She kept the news quiet even though her Fans were certain that the star was pregnant. Now, Radar Online is sharing that fans think they may have figured out her baby name. Kylie hasn't actually revealed the name, but she did let something slip and her fans picked up on the clues.

What did Kylie let slip?

Kylie Jenner shared that she had a healthy baby girl with boyfriend rapper Travis Scott. Fans bow believe that "Butterfly" may be the little girl's name.

Her sister Kim has used some unique names, so it wouldn't surprise anyone if Kylie Jenner chose an odd name for her child as well.

After just a few months together, Kylie and Travis both got matching butterfly tattoos. That however, isn't the only clue. Kylie also tweeted a butterfly emoji not too long ago. The tweet was not the only thing that led fans to believe that the child would be named Butterfly. When Kylie posted her baby video yesterday, it revolved around her baby, her family and best friend Jordyn Woods. Kylie was seen wearing a colorful butterfly necklace. What this a subtle hit? It was a cute accessory, but also got her fans people wondering once again. The final straw what Kylie's nursery that was had butterflies all over the place.

Could this be the name?

It wouldn't be surprise anyone at all if Kylie Jenner named her baby girl "Butterfly." The hints are sure there, but fans just don't know yet. Kylie was so quiet about her pregnancy that she might end up waiting a while to share the name of her baby as well. Everyone would love to hear it straight from here, but with Kylie you never know how long she will wait to reveal the name she picked.

The thing is if this isn't Kylie Jenner's little girl's name, everyone has figured out that she does love butterflies and it was something she chose to use to decorate her little girl's bedroom. This is an adorable choice for a name and very fitting for Kylie.

Do you think that "Butterfly" is what Kylie Jenner decided to name her little girl?

Are you shocked to hear that she kept her pregnancy quiet until the baby was already born? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss the new episodes of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" when they air on Sunday nights on E!. On a recent episode, Khloe shared the news that she was pregnant and hopefully, now fans will get to start seeing Kylie's pregnancy journey on the show.