"Bachelor Winter Games" is already coming to an end after just four episodes. The fans have loved this show, but it was just a short one for while the Olympics were on. Reality Steve was able to share spoilers on what will happen on the finale and the big reunion show that will air on Thursday, February 22, 2018. It would be great if they bring this show back again.

Episode 4 spoilers

Steve shared that Jordan and Bibiana will decide that their relationship isn't going anywhere and they will call it quits heading home. This isn't surprising at all because the connection doesn't seem that great anyway.

The final four couples all get the chance to go on an overnight date, think fantasy suites. This will give them a chance to see if they think it will work outside of the house.

It turns out that Kevin and Ashley plus Dean and Lesley end up staying the night together, but Courtney and Lily and Luke and Stassi just take dates, no overnight time. You would think that they would really want the time away from the cameras even if it didn't end up in the bedroom all night long.

Reunion spoilers

So this show will only be an hour long, so of course, they can't talk to everyone. A lot of them are there, but it sounds like it will focus more on the couples. A few are still together, which is great news.

Courtney and Lily are still dating an are now living in LA. It does look like this one might work out!

So Dean is going to make everyone think he is going to propose, but he doesn't. I hope that Lesley knew this was the plan before he did it. He gets down on one knee and then offers her a key to his house. Sweet gesture, but it does look like an engagement and isn't one.

Maybe he finally got his happy ending.

Now for Luke and Stassi, things aren't going well at all according to Steve. He says that they didn't even talk after the show even though Luke does try to say that he messaged her on Instagram and she didn't answer. It doesn't look like Luke will ever find love on reality television and it would be shocking if they brought him back again.

Kevin and Ashley are still together and he is even staying with her. Things seem to be going great for them. They do say they didn't have sex on the show, but Steve insists that they have since the show ended and she is no longer a virgin. You also don't want to forget the fact that Clare and Benoit are back together and he even proposes to her. They have been dating a few months and are now engaged. This is going to shock a lot of fans who haven't read spoilers yet.

Are you surprised by the big spoilers for "Bachelor Winter Games"? Do you think this show should come back for another season? Sound off in the comments below, and don't miss this finale on February 22.