Arie Luyendyk Jr. is down to his final three girls on "The Bachelor" and Fans can't wait to see who he picks in the end. On a preview for an upcoming episode, fans noticed that someone has an ex come back and try to win them over. Reality TV World shared the spoilers about what goes down.

What does down on the show?

In an extended preview, you can see that an ex-boyfriend shows up and tries to win his girl back from Arie Luyendyk Jr. Reality Steve was able to find out who it is and it turns out that it was Becca K.'s ex that shows up. Becca and Arie are obviously smitten with each other already, so it doesn't look like he will have very much luck getting her back.

The guy who comes back is named Ross Jirgl. These two have dated on-again and off-again for quite some time. Obviously, it didn't work out since she went on "The Bachelor" to try and find love. They actually met back in college. He is not the one she posts about on her social networks all the time, though. That is simply a good friend of hers.

Does she take her ex back

There are huge spoilers ahead and you do not want to keep reading if you don't want to know how the show ends. It turns out that Becca will turn her ex down because at the end of the season she actually ends up engaged to Arie Luyendyk Jr. They are happy together for a bit, but according to Reality Steve's spoilers it doesn't work out in the end.

Steve actually says that Arie ends up breaking up with her and then starting to date Lauren B. instead. He fell for both girls on the show and it looks like he decided that he picked the wrong one. The fans are going to have to wait and watch it all play out on the show. It is going to be wild. The season will end up with him picking Becca, but then when it is time for "After the Final Rose" they are going to have to show what has been going on since then.

Things have really changed for Arie. Jason Mesnick actually did something similar on his season, but he told Molly and Melissa the news on the "After the Final Rose" show. This was a huge shocker for everyone at the time.

Are you shocked to hear that Becca K. has an ex-boyfriend return to the show? Do you feel like this could be part of why things have changed for Arie since the show ended?

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