The fans are loving "Bachelor Winter Games" and now Reality Steve is sharing huge spoilers. They just filmed the big reunion show and an engagement happened. The preview makes it look like Dean and Lesley are the couple who get engaged, but Steve shared that is not the case. It does look like these two are still together, though.

Reality Steve shares the news

Steve actually went to his Twitter to share this big news and didn't even make a post about it. One thing fans noticed in the preview was that the girl had on a pinky ring and this helped them figure out who it was and what was going on.

He shared saying, "Benoit and Clare got engaged at the Tell All taping tonight." This is shocking news considering that when fans saw it last Benoit had gone home because Clare didn't want to be with him and she had moved on to someone new.

After that, Reality Steve went on to share a few more details about what is going on. He said, "For those having a hard time grasping this, you do realize that Winter Games ended filming 2 months ago right? Benoit & Clare obviously patched things up and had been talking, & then he proposed tonight during the taping which airs this Thursday right after the finale."

Fans are shocked by the news

The fans are really surprised by this news considering how things looked between Clare and Benoit on the show recently.

Clare has done shows for this franchise more than once and never found her guy, so hopefully, it finally happened for her.

Everyone is replying to Steve on Twitter in surprise, but several were hoping this would happen. A few fans said it reminds them of Carly and Evan. At first, Carly wasn't into Evan but she ended up loving him in the end and they just had their first child together.

For now, it doesn't sound like Benoit actually comes back to the show. It sounds like all of this happened after the show was done filming. Hopefully, they will give some updates on how they are doing and what went down between the end of filming and the proposal. Most people seem to think that they are great together, but they also got engaged after only two months.

Couples on this show get engaged that fast all the time and it works, though.

Are you shocked to hear that Benoit and Clare are engaged now? Did you think this couple would end up back together? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss the rest of "Bachelor Winter Games" when it airs on Tuesday and Thursday next week on ABC.