Teen Mom 2” has made some changes today based on current events. The new season has been filming alongside all of the drama on social media. There are roughly six weeks left to film, and now, there is one less cast member. Due to comments made on Twitter over the last few days, David Eason has been dropped from the MTV network.

Official MTV statement

Earlier tonight, rumors were circulating that the MTV executives were meeting to discuss what would happen to David Eason. Yesterday, viewers were calling for him to be fired. This wasn't without undue cause, especially given the statements he made on Twitter about LGBTQ people.

Eason was throwing out homophobic and transphobic remarks. He wouldn't back down, and now, his relationship with the show has ended.

There are now a lot of questions about how the next six weeks will go. Rumors of David Eason being aggressive and controlling toward Jenelle Evans have circulated for months. Aside from that, there was “Teen Mom 2” footage that showcased how the two acted during a heated fight and after when they resumed filming. Fans have been concerned for Evans since seeing it, but she has yet to complain about her marriage.

There are also some concerns about whether or not Jenelle will be allowed to film without him. If not, things will change with the dynamic of the show.

Damage control

After things started to spiral out of control, David Eason attempted to do damage control. He changed his Twitter bio to reflect the account may not be real. When that didn't work, he disabled his entire account.

Jenelle Evans' account also disappeared. When “Teen Mom 2” viewers called them out for attempting damage control, there was a statement released about Eason's comments. In short, it said that he was unaware of the power his words had and that going forward, he would keep his opinions to himself. No apology, no owning his bigotry.

It was a backhanded almost apology and no one was buying it.

The next few days will be revealing. David Eason is likely going to make a statement, and if he doesn't, Jenelle Evans will definitely say something. “Teen Mom 2” viewers are expecting a resignation from her, but not necessarily one that she wanted to do herself. There are also expectations that the “Teen Mom 2” co-stars will be commenting on MTV's decision to terminate their relationship with Eason. It is going to be a busy week, and the publicity for the show just keeps on coming.