Amber Portwood was furious after she learned that her ex-boyfriend, Matt Baier, had been making sexual advances towards another woman. She learned this on the previous season of "Teen Mom OG," when she asked them to take a lie detector test to prove that he was loyal to her. She was shocked to learn that he had been making advances towards another woman, even though he denied that that ever happened. On the show, it was clear that she didn't trust him anymore and as they continue to film together, she hinted that he may have relapsed on drugs.

It was their sobriety that had kept them together as they both had past issues with drugs.

Amber truly wanted to stay sober for the sake of her daughter Leah, and she knew that her ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley could file for full custody and keep Leah from her if she relapsed on drugs. When Portwood learned that Matt could be a potential danger to her custody, she decided to end the relationship. However, it now appears that there may have been more going on behind the scenes. According to a new report, it sounds like Amber Portwood may have been keeping a big secret from the world in regards to Matt.

Was she a victim of abuse?

Amber and Matt filmed "Marriage Bootcamp" before they split up this past summer. While some have argued that the only reason why they went on the show was for the money, Amber has revealed that she wanted the truth in regards to what Matt had been doing over the past couple of months.

She had blamed him for taking thousands of dollars out of their bank account and she wanted to know whether he was is using her fame this time.

But in the previews for this upcoming season of "Marriage Bootcamp," Amber reveals that Matt had hit her. This wasn't something that was featured on "Teen Mom OG" and it's not something that fans have heard of before.

It's also interesting that Amber is bringing this up now, as she could have gone public with the abuse allegations earlier. It's uncertain when this abuse supposedly took place.

Moving on with her life

Portwood has moved on from her relationship with Matt Baier. She revealed that she had no interest in continuing a relationship with him and she broke things off around the time that they stopped filming the show.

It's possible that they were not together when they filmed "Marriage Bootcamp," as Amber has been adamant about being single during this time.

She met her current boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, right after filming "Marriage Bootcamp" as he was one of the producers of the show. She is now expecting his child and is due to give birth in May. As for Matt Baier, he has moved on as well. He went back to Las Vegas and got married to another woman shortly after ending things with Amber. It's clear to say that these two have no interest in working things out or getting back together.

Do you think Amber Portwood kept the abuse to herself for the sake of her custody arrangement?