Tyler Baltierra has been running the clothing business that he started with his wife for the past couple of weeks. After Christmas, his wife Catelynn Baltierra announced that she would be going back to treatment to deal with some childhood issues that were still plaguing her. Catelynn had previously revealed that she suffered from postpartum depression after giving birth to her daughter Nova and she wanted to focus on getting better before getting pregnant with the third baby. She gave up her first daughter Carly for adoption, which may have triggered some of these issues.

While she isn't home, Tyler has focused on keeping the business afloat for them. But it sounds like he is now taking some time off himself as he announced that he will be shutting down the online store. They have just experienced tremendous success with their business but it sounds like Catelynn needed some time away from everything and Tyler is now joining her. According to a new tweet, Tyler Baltierra is doing some family treatment in hopes of helping his wife deal with her issues.

Only a temporary closure

Several fans asked him on Twitter why the business was shutting down, as they may have tried to order something from the website. As it turns out, he will be going to some family therapy in hopes of getting some tools and resources to help deal with Catelynn's childhood issues.

Tyler has also revealed that he might have some issues himself that he needs to control and deal with as they continue to grow their family. On Twitter, he revealed that the business will open again in about a weeks time when he returns back from treatment.

Catelynn seems to be working on herself continuously

It sounds like Catelynn realized she needed more treatment.

She had been in treatment before Christmas and had returned home because she had finished the program. But she revealed on Twitter that she had experienced suicidal thoughts after her initial treatment. She decided it would be best to go back to treatment to deal with the issues that she was clearly still experiencing. Her husband agreed and supported her every step of the way and he is now getting treatment himself to help her heal.

No word on whether this will be featured on "Teen Mom OG." This means that they will be taking a break from their business to ensure that she is healthy and capable of moving forward with her life.

What do you think about Tyler Baltierra shutting down the business for his wife? Do you think this is the kind of dedication that has resulted in them still together after all of these years?