Melissa Claire Egan's exit from "The Young and the Restless" is big news and spoiler alerts are issuing several scenarios regarding how her character Chelsea will be written out of the show. One rumor is that Justin Hartley will reprise his role as Adam and come back to take his wife and children off to parts unknown. Now Celeb Dirty Laundry is suggesting an even more shocking sendoff which may involve Kevin and or Chloe returning to Genoa City. Phyllis is already determined to expose her friend as the one who ripped off Fenmore products and viewers found out on Wednesday (Feb.

7), that someone else has some secrets on Ms. Lawson.

Chelsea's past is catching up with her

There has been nothing to suggest a reason why Kevin or his wife would know the truth about Christian's paternity, or that Chloe would risk her freedom and possibly be arrested for Adam's murder. Obviously, there is a secret that the "Y&R" writers are keeping under wraps that fans have not yet figured out. Spoiler alerts have been reporting an Adam Newman return for going on two years now, but nothing has been substantiated. Soap Hub, Celeb Dirty Laundry, and Soaps She Knows have all written about this subject but so far none of it has come to pass.

What "Y&R" fans do know, is that Chelsea used the alias Alexandria West, stole her own products, and hid the money in Adam's crypt.

Previews for Thursday (Feb. 8) indicate that someone is going to steal the money and send Ms. Lawson text messages indicating they know her secrets. Spoilers may be correct that it could be Kevin or Chloe, but it very well may be someone completely different. WHoever the culprit turns out to be, there is one thing that is certain.

Chelsea's past is catching up with her and it's all going to hit the fan before she leaves town.

Christian and Conner need to be addressed

If Adam indeed returns to Genoa City, it's a given that he and his wife will take both of his sons with them when they leave town. But what happens to the boys if there is a different outcome?

Should Chelsea exit by going to jail for stealing her own products, then Nick, of course, will raise Conner and his brother. This, however, would not address the issue of Christian's biological dad.

It would seem logical that if Kevin and or Chloe come back to town that there is evidence that Adam is alive or they both may risk jail time. Fans of "The Young and the Restless" also know that Adam must be revealed as Christian's father because the lie has gone on for over two years. Stay tuned for more updates and keep watching "Y&R" to find out which spoilers pan out and how Chelsea will be written out of the show.