Amber Portwood is getting fed up with the haters. Her life has been on display for nearly a decade, including all of her struggles with mental illness and her incarceration. “Teen Mom OG” viewers have been on social media commenting about her lack of parenting Leah, the daughter she shares with Gary Shirley. Her daughter is a touchy subject for the reality star, and she will go to bat for her little girl in any situation.

Amber's baby's paternity

It has been a few weeks since Amber Portwood confirmed she was pregnant with Andrew Glennon's baby. The moment they found out was shown on “Teen Mom OG” last week, and since then, there have been rumors circulating like crazy.

Many of the questions stem from the baby's paternity. Some viewers are questioning whether or not Portwood is carrying Matt Baier's child, or if the baby really belongs to Glennon. Amber took to Twitter to set the record straight, saying that her relationship with Baier ended back in May. While it did take some time for him to move out of her home, they were over on May 14, 2017.

While that isn't the only issue Amber Portwood has to battle, it is definitely up there with things of importance.

Her battle with mental illness has also come into play here, especially with the comments about her spending less and less time with Leah. Gary Shirley and his wife, Kristina, have addressed Amber's absence in Leah's life. In fact, last week, Portwood fired shots at Shirley and Kristina on Twitter over what they had said in the episode.

Of course, they bantered back and forth, but nothing was resolved. Amber remains confident in the fact that not allowing her daughter to see her depressed is the best thing for her.

'I've saved lives'

Because Amber Portwood has been open with her struggles, she has become somewhat of a role model for women who battle the same things.

The “Teen Mom OG” star has met people who have credited her with helping them, and now, she is working on launching a YouTube channel dedicated to those struggling. When the trolls come out to play, Portwood puts them in their place. She clapped back at one and mentioned how many lives she has saved. This is her job, one that she has been doing nearly a decade. While viewers question her, she is six months out of the situation that they are playing on television.

Despite dealing with all of the criticism, Amber Portwood is looking forward t the future. A new baby and a new professional endeavor are on the horizon.