Amber Portwood will be welcoming her second child in May. The “Teen Mom OG” star is dating Andrew Glennon. The two met while she was filming “Marriage Boot Camp” and will have been together for a little under a year when the new baby is born. This week, a new episode of the show did not air, but a new Sneak Peek has been released showing possible trouble in paradise for the new couple.

First argument

It looks like Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon have very different ideas of what to do to prepare for the upcoming arrival of their little one. At this point, neither has any idea they are having a boy.

In the sneak peek shown by OK! Magazine, the couple argues over how to be prepared for the arrival of their child. Portwood wants to find out the gender and Glennon appears to want it to be a mystery for a while. In the clip, Amber is 13 weeks into her pregnancy. That is the second trimester and into what is generally considered the safe point to announce you are expecting.

Teen Mom OG” fans have voiced concern over Amber Portwood being pregnant. She had once said that she would have to go off of her meds in order for the baby to be safe during pregnancy. Portwood never did have a child with Matt Baier because she was on her meds. Her mental health issues are serious, and the medication was something she definitely needed.

Portwood admitted that since meeting and dating Andrew Glennon, she had come off of her meds. Fans have been wondering about her moods, especially after watching that sneak peek of her going off on Andrew.

Rumors regarding paternity

There has been a lot of talk about Matt Baier fathering Amber Portwood's child. Fortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case.

Amber has said over and over that they were done in May of 2017. If she is due in May 2018, there is no way he fathered her child unless they hooked up randomly since their split. Andrew Glennon seems to feel like the timeline works in his favor, and he is not questioning the impending arrival of their child together. He seems to be excited to embark on this journey, and the icing on the cake is they are expecting a little boy.

An all-new episode of “Teen Mom OG” will air on Monday night. This week, MTV decided to air a “Teen Mom 2” special which sparked more Twitter beef between the stars. These girls have more drama than anyone, and that is what keeps the fans tuning in. Watching a trainwreck is much better than living in one, especially with this franchise.