''Game of Thrones'' will have Season 8 as the closing chapter of an extraordinary TV show. Gaining the worldwide phenomenon status in the last few years, the HBO-produced show has crossed beyond the usually accepted boundaries for a TV series. Swimming across a totally uncharted territory, this particular show became a fundamental part of many viewers. Those die-hard fans and are millions of them out there will find it difficult to acclimate to a post-show environment.

Once the thrill of the final pieces coming down into their slots will be done and dusted, a new heading must be discovered.

And, what better to fulfill those cravings rather than keeping those fans hooked in with a spin-off of the series.

'Game of Thrones' Season 8 to be aired in 2019

Regarding the final season of the HBO series, 2018 won't bring any news on the matter. Already confirmed for 2019, Season 8 will focus on how the Realm will handle the extinction scare coming down from the North. The Night King reanimated Vyserion only to use it as a weapon to make a hole through the Wall. Army of the dead is marching into Westeros, and it will be only a matter of time until an epic battle will take place.

Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen are leading a coalition with the sole purpose of stopping the imminent danger. On the other side, Cersei Lannister hasn't abandoned her covert plan to keep the Iron Throne for herself.

At this point, it seems impossible to anticipate how the endgame will unfold. There is too much at stake, and too many potential twists are hanging in the air.

How would a 'GOT' spin-off look like?

Basically, ''Game of Thrones'' tells the story of a faux-medieval territory that may appear to have no spectacular elements attached to it.

What makes it so appealing is its past and the way all took shape.

It would be an interesting and bold idea to pursue several characters right from the start. Epicness would be a safe bet. In a spin-off that would travel deep in the past, viewers could witness the Wall being constructed. Moreover, it would be a great chance for a better understanding of that era, how the Iron Throne was forged, all the intrigues that shaped the political landscape.

Besides, a spin-off of ''Game of Thrones'' would consist of a greater deal of fantastic load. The dawn of Targaryen dynasty and the appearance of the first dragons could also be part of a new narrative thread. The possibilities to construct a solid spin-off are in great numbers, that's the only thing we can be certain about.