"Game of Thrones" will remain printed in the collective memory as a particular phenomenon of this generation. The most-watched TV show in history, "GOT" finds itself a season away from that final conclusion all are waiting for. It's been quite a journey following dozens of intriguing characters throughout their adventures in that faux-medieval land of Westeros. Often referred to as the Realm, Westeros and the surrounding territories are all parts of a cultural melting pot. It's an eclectic yet well-crafted mix that puts this TV show on top of the competition.

But, as any good thing has an ending, the inevitable will happen next year when HBO will air Season 8, the last of the series.

A first possible ending scenario

The table is set and the fans must be having their expectations completely set around some huge doses of epicness to be delivered. The Night King leads the Army of the dead, and now that the Wall is no longer a viable defense structure, Westeros seems to be living its finals days in the current shape. The darkest possible ending will have the Night King expanding his reign over the living ones.

The balance of power in Westeros has fragility as the common denominator. Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow are a weird alliance, an incestuous one and the claim for the Iron Throne will be a hard-to-solve dilemma if there will be a throne to claim in the end.

Cersei has her own agenda and some shady negotiations may have had happened between her and Tyrion Lannister. The Night King could use Westeros' political instability in his favor.

Cersei Lannister will keep the Iron Throne for herself

Obsessed with power, Cersei Lannister will try any trick to keep her hands on the Iron Throne.

She did get involved with Daenerys and Jon Snow in that unlikely alliance but she definitely has a second agenda, a plan her twin brother Jaime seems not to agree with. That means Euron Greyjoy and the Iron Islands' impressive fleet is Cersei's sole ace up her sleeve. If the Night King's army crushes Westeros' united forces, she might have a chance to preserve her position.

Either Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen will help reconstruct Westeros

Given the nature of their relationships, it would be a huge blow to have both Daenerys and Jon surviving the to the end. Apparently, both are Targaryen descendants and one of them has a rightful claim to the Iron Throne. Firstly, it's hard to believe in a bicephalic ruling which means one of them will die. Moreover, given the nature of this show, there is a huge potential for conflict to occur between them which will make the first two scenarios more likely to take shape.

There are a lot of questions on how "Game of Thrones" will end and perhaps it's too early to jump to a conclusion. On the other hand, a little speculation didn't hurt anyone yet.