If one thing is to be said with a fair amount of certainty, that is that ''Game of Thrones'' transformed the business. HBO's greatest show ever, this fictional, faux-medieval TV series mounted its own well-established brand. In the end, it went global, attracting millions of avid fans. Whether it's about memes or GIFs, ''Game of Thrones'' has successfully pierced through a lot of individual social bubbles.

Now, it appears that the next year will mark the closing chapter of the TV show as Season 8 is now confirmed for 2019, although an official date for its premiere is yet to be delivered.

What separates 'Game of Thrones' from other TV shows

Though the eye may be imprisoned by the surreal visual effects, what's truly amazing is how the antagonist side of the narrative emerged. Little by little, the pieces fell into their place unveiling a different type of villain. Although non-existent and discreet throughout the first seasons, the Night King's presence has been growing at a steady pace. It became a solid presence in the narrative web, only recently, as part of some amazing scenes.

Whether it is about the slaying of Vyserion or that epic moment when the Wall fell down into pieces, the Night King is the villain that is likely to have numerous followers. Although coming from different creative spaces, the Night King is what the Joker is for Batman.

Going for a gradual construction of the ultimate villain the show's producers picked a winning hand.

Who will make it out alive?

At this point, it's hard to predict an ending that would be most likely to happen. But one thing is sure, the Night King is determined to seed death and destruction across Westeros. The Realm is facing extinction and the political climate might augment the fear.

Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen are leading a coalition that will probably die while trying to neutralize the danger. The Army of the dead is a different enemy, knowing no pain or death, only fire can stop it.

A lot can be said about Jon Snow, but some still think that he has been living on borrowed time since that resurrection happened.

He's someone the Night King would like to get out of the way. And, the same goes for Daenerys Targaryen too. Currently, she is the one claiming the Iron Throne even though Jon Snow seems to have the past catching up with him in what may become a battle for the rightful Targaryen claim.

It's been a while since a main character died in GOT and Season 8 may bring a killing spree and it seems as if the Night King won't spare a single human being.