The fans of "This Is Us" loved the new episode tonight, but you can tell that the next one will cause heartbreak. Now everyone is a bit confused about when the new one will air. EW explained about how the next episode will be on the Super Bowl Sunday. This is the first episode of the show to ever air after the Super Bowl. That is on a Sunday and the game could run over so make sure to get your DVR for extra time. This will be Season 2 Episode 14 of "This Is Us." With the preview tonight, they showed fans a lot and did tease this episode, but it was still a bit confusing about when you get to see another new episode of the show.

When can you see new episodes of the show?

There will not be a new episode of "This Is Us" next Tuesday night, which is January 30, 2018. Instead, that new episode will air on February 4, 2018. So next Tuesday, expect to be missing your favorite show! Actually, next Tuesday at the time that "This Is Us" is normally on you will instead get to see the State of the Union 2018 with Donald Trump. That is why there isn't a new episode of "This Is Us." So when you turn on NBC and find out that Trump is speaking don't think that you ended up missing a new episode because that is not the case at all. I know I would be upset if I thought I missed this episode because it is going to be one of the best ones ever of the show.

What should fans expect on this upcoming episode?

The new episode of "This Is Us" is going to be a hard one to watch. The fans have been waiting for a really long time to see how Jack Pearson dies and it is finally going to happen. We saw tonight that they had an older crockpot and that it caught fire and then caught a towel on fire next to it.

This is the fire that looks like it might kill Jack Pearson. There have also been some clues that it could have something to do with the fact that Jack goes in to save the dog, but the viewers are just going to have to wait and see how it goes down next week. This is going to be a very heartbreaking episode of the show. The entire show has lead up to this moment.

Are you emotionally ready to see how Jack Pearson ends up dying on "This Is Us"? The viewers have been waiting for months to find out this news and now it is finally almost here. Don't miss the next new episode when it airs on February 4, 2018 after the Super Bowl on NBC. This could end up starting a little bit late. For now, it is scheduled to start at 9:15 CST after the game. Set your DVR over just in case the game ends up running a little bit late.