A couple of days ago, "This Is Us" made a final impression for 2017. Episode 10 of Season 2 put a cap to its 2017 segment. Season 2 is set to be resumed in January 2018. There are eight episodes left in the Season 2 tank and, by now, fans must have written dozens of possible ending scenarios.

Launched back in 2016, "This Is Us" has quickly become one of the American TV Series pool's highlights. A raw drama that blends tragic and comical sides in a stunning manner. NBC's show has yet to reach its peak in intensity. After a season and a half, several characters are in the spotlight.

Kevin, Kate and Randall Pearson are navigating their ways through an extremely cruel American society.

Kevin Pearson seems to have extended damages

Embodying the image of the American TV star, Kevin Pearson is having difficulties with the life's compass. After a missed career in the NFL, his father's death turned him the other way. He made quite a run as an actor, becoming a nationwide phenomenon. In order to stay in close touch with the general paradigm, Kevin's successful career won't help him fulfill his other goals.

The last few episodes pictured a completely off balance character as Kevin Pearson took a deep dark dive. An opioid addiction and a serious drinking problem put him in a dangerous spot.

While trying to confess his own issues to his brother Randall, Kevin learned that Kate lost the pregnancy. It's just another heavy rock Kevin Pearson has to bear on his shoulders. Judging by appearances, a meltdown is imminent.

Kevin should thank his niece Tess for potentially saving his life

The end of Episode 10 has Kevin riding on a dangerous spiral.

Driving recklessly, within seconds of a complete disaster, a guardian angel by the name of Tess, popped from the backseat of his car. His niece being in the car with him stopped that reckless driving display. Shortly after, Beth and Randall are on the phone with the police learning that their missing daughter is safe but Kevin has been put under arrest on DUI charges.

Driving aggressively on that highway put into perspective how Kevin's life had been lately. His judgment is under a dark cloud with significant amounts of alcohol and drugs roaming through his body and brain. He is in despair trying to find a meaning to all the bumps he has had to face.

Randall and Beth are not going to let him get away that easily after the stunt that put Tess' life in jeopardy. Thus, Kevin may not have reached the bottom yet. He is in danger of losing the sole unconditional support he has ever had, his family might turn their back fro him. The bring side of all these is that Kevin can no longer hide his problems. That might be his only chance to seek redemption.