One of the most refreshing TV series in recent years, 'This Is Us' will deliver the final chunk of Season 2 starting January 9. NBC may have great plans regarding the future of this show, but, for the time being, there is no confirmation further than Season 3. Roughly two weeks from now, Season 2 Episode 11 will be aired and, hopefully, it will stir the show's narrative threads in the right direction.

Last time we left it, 'This Is Us' reached a boiling point as the tension had mounted in-between Pearsons' creed. Having a great amount of mystery floating around does nothing but constantly shuffle through the apparent understanding of the storyline.

It's both confusing and intriguing and the viewers have to find a way to see through this smokescreen.

Some healthy premises are adding fuel to the narrative flame

A show like 'This Is Us' has the ability to hang around for years. Given that sprayed narrative which abounds in temporal digression, there will always be a good chance to discover some new premises worth being pursued. And, of course, as in any endeavor, there will be risks. In this case, given the complexity of the characters and the overall deliverance strategy, precious information may get lost along the way. It's up to show's producers to find a balance in what seems to be a rather mixed-up, chaotic story.

So far, the obvious premises developed around Jack Pearson's death.

Recently, Kevin Pearson started to be at the center of another intriguing development. At some point, the focus shifted to Jack and his brother Nicky and the events in Vietnam where they were actively involved. That may be a cause for Jack's trauma, especially Nicky's death. For unknown reasons, that path hasn't been exploited yet.

Taking a glance beyond Season 3

At this point, it's hard to anticipate an ending for the show. According to IMDB, Season 3 is the furthest point in the future for this honest and refreshing drama produced by NBC.

Assuming that Season 3 will be the last one of the series, it would seem that the show got past its first half. Under these circumstances, would it be enough for a similar chunk to wrap up the whole story?.

That's a hard question to ask given the premises. At this point, no one would get upset if several extra seasons get confirmation. One thing is for sure, there is enough room to extend this show for years. The only concern would be a drop in quality, a trend that most of the mainstream productions seem to follow.