Shameless fans are feeling mixed emotions when it comes to the upcoming Season 8 finale on Sunday, January 28th. Most viewers have agreed that the current season has been a little tamer than the past when it comes to Gallagher family shock value. That is until...episode 11 aired. The entertainment and intrigue kicked into high gear. The entire season has been all about the family attempting to better their lives.

Have some of the storylines been slower than usual... Yes for the most part. Now we are approaching the end of the line for season 8 with writers and cast members drawing us all completely back in and hard!

Where will we be left hanging after this Sunday's finale?

Everyone is suffering from a major backslide. Fiona's been forced to fight back and get dirty when it comes to protecting what she has been working so hard to get...her financial freedom with her life with the apartment building she has put herself on the line to buy. She is also, whether she knows it or not still hoping to find one man she can love, trust and depend on in her life.

Ian has fans scared. As previously reported writer John Wells stated back in December that Ian's storyline would be a big one, one that fans would not like. In fact, he stated that the show was expecting tons of hate mail as a result. Ian is getting in over his head with his cult-like following and effort to make a difference in the LBGTQ community, he is breaking some laws, putting his life and freedom online at every turn.

He is getting out of control the fallout could end up affecting his life for years to come.

Who will be the most Shameless Gallagher in Season 9?

Lip, well he is still a mess. Sober or not he has a long way to go before he finally gets his life together completely. He is on the verge of making some major changes in his life.

He desires a life of normality, love, and family. He has worked very hard on his sobriety this season, and it has not been easy. Now Lip is playing hero to Sierra and her son. How far will he go?

Will we see Lip go into full relationship mode with Sierra, or is he putting himself in danger trying to protect her? We already know Sierra's dad is a violent monster.

If he comes looking for her will Lip be the one to pay the price? Carl and Kassidi, nothing good will come from this relationship. Kassidi is a complete trainwreck and Carl is desperate for love. Was their unprotected post-wedding sex marathon a sign of a possible new baby Gallagher coming soon?

Debbie's life continues to go downhill for her. No matter how she tries at times to do the right thing for her and Franny things keep imploding. Now that she has lost her toes and working could pose a real problem what will she do? Deb's possible options...file for disability? The work-related accident could it set her up for life, or will she continue to hunt for a man to take care of her and Franny, Derek, or possibly Matty?

Liam is getting quite a bit of screen time this season as compared to past since he is older. Frank appears to be grooming young Liam to follow in his footsteps. Will it be long, possibly Season 9 before Liam begins to become a Carl carbon copy headed for juvie thanks to Frank's influence? Frank is slowly getting back to his old devious and destructive self. While it was amusing to watch the Gallagher patriarch go through his post-Monica change of life.

We all knew, (or at least hoped) the changes were not going to last because nothing is quite as entertaining on Shameless as the dysfunctional Frank we have all come to enjoy for the past eight-years. However, Frank would not be Frank if he was not conjuring up some scheme using one of his kids for his own benefit and since the others are old enough to know not to get involved, as we stated earlier, poor Liam is next in line.

After all, he just wants the attention of his father. Right or wrong Frank's influence throughout their lives have played a major role in the messed up lives the Gallagher clan continues to experience. Good to see Kev and V back to their old selves. However, Svetlana, what a complete bad a**. She will go to any extremes to get what she wants. How this potential dead body will end up is beyond us at this point.

But, Kev and V and Lana's potential dead body drama could possibly make for quite a storyline for the on-again-off-again thruple. However, whatever cliffhangers season eight throws at there are two things for sure. One, fans are hoping for a full-on family filled Season nine of wild and crazy shocking Gallagher dysfunction and two we are going to once again have a long wait to Season 9 which will hopefully and predicably air in October. If Showtime makes fans wait until 2019 a lot of viewers are going to be unhappy.

What are your thoughts on Shameless Season 8, do you believe Season 9 will be better?