The tension is rising, the table is set for another dramatic twist. ''This Is Us'' is closing the gap on its second season as the TV series reached a whole new level. Episode 13 ''That'll Be the Day'' put those avid hoards of fans one step closer to solving the puzzle. With only a few episodes left in the tank for the current season, and with Jack's death mystery unveiling it seems that there are lots of reasons to keep a close eye on this particular TV drama.

At another end of the narrative plot, one particular character is still fighting the demons from his past.

Despite a tormented recent history, Kevin Pearson hasn't found stable ground yet. A guilty feeling from the past prevents him from settling down.

A list of people Kevin needed to settle scores with

Going through a rehab period may have brought some comfort in Kevin's life but the inner struggle he has been dealing with is still there kicking and tearing his soul apart. In an effort to make peace with all the people he has hurt while spiraling down on drugs, alcohol, and guilt, Kevin made a list to keep evidence of his progress.

One by one, most names are checked off the list. Thus, Kevin leveled up the score with his family, even with brother Randall and his wife Beth. As a token of gratitude and in desperate need to keep himself busy, Kevin decides to help Randall with that charity endeavor of his.

Episode 13 ends with Kevin receiving a package containing that precious necklace given to him by his father Jack. Thus, Charlotte, that one-night stand affair, is off the forgiving list too.

In a predictable yet heartbreaking scene, Kevin turned the page to unveil Jack's solitary name on the backside of the list. The fire that turned Pearson's house into ashes came with bad timing.

During that night, the Superbowl final, Kevin was at Sophie's following an argument with his father. Therefore, they have never had the chance to talk through their issues and to Settle The Score. And, that note of Jack urging Kevin to talk and apologize ended up burning too. The necklace remained Kevin's last unburned bridge in-between himself and his father.

Kevin needs a silver lining

Knowing the painful and dramatic background story of Kevin and Jack and the lack of closure the matter has received, it's fair to assume that hell may not be over yet.

While Randall is trying to make him aware of the fact that it has been twenty years since their father passed away, Kevin finds it hard to close the door on this significant chapter of his life. The image of his father dying must have been the ugliest demon, a thought that has been drilling in the back of his mind for decades.

Looking at how Kevin stands at the moment it's hard to not picture him into another life-threatening scenario in the near future.