Another week is about to start, which means that yet another ''This Is Us'' episode will hit the airwaves Tuesday night (Jan. 23). One of NBC's leading TV series, "This Is Us" revolves around the Pearson family. According to a short intro on IMDb, Episode 13 will pick up the threads from where they're last time left. Therefore, Kevin will try to do some good helping his brother Randall and his sister-in-law Beth with a charity project. Kate's wedding seems inevitable by now and her relationship with Toby seems to follow the positive trend.

Jack's death looms ahead

And, to follow the existing pattern, a ''This Is Us'' show cannot exist without a temporal digression. It seems that we will be receiving another threat from the past as Jack and Rebecca are making plans for the future. But, they are running out of time as the tragedy is about to strike. Let's not forget how the latest episode ended with that camera changing its focus only to zoom in on what seemed to be an out-of-use smoke detector.

Season 2 will end with the scene of Jack dying unfolding, the only unknown part is that a certain timeline is yet to be determined. If Jack's death will be presented in the next two or three episodes then there will be time to take a deep and bitter journey, as his family would have to fight through the painful reality.

Positioning itself at the very top of the ladder that measures the dramatic intake of a TV show, ''This Is Us'' has a huge potential if its producers will decide to pursue a hilly path.

Who would make a viable candidate for the blacklist

There is one thing which all show's viewers tend to agree on, and that stipulates the huge impact Jack's early death has had on the show.

All characters he was survived by are carrying a heavy burden on their shoulders. At some point, Kevin Pearson made the perfect candidate for another violent ending. The root of his fall goes back in time with his father's death being a factor that cannot be ignored.

In the past, it was Randall who had experienced some mental collapse events.

Now, he seems to have found closure on his biological fathers past and an optimistic trend is governing Randall's family life. Kate and Toby are also in a decent spot as their relationship seems a rock solid one.

Still, some tribulations are expected to happen, it's in the nature of this particular TV show. And that might emerge from the most unexpected place. While some tend to overlook Miguel, he remains Jack's best friend, and moreover, he was there right from the start, even before Rebecca.

Jack's past is under scrutiny, which may bring some unwanted memories to Miguel. Although he and Rebecca are now a happily married elderly couple, the current digging can create a state of anguish for Jack's oldest connection with the past.