The fairytale romance of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is indeed a romance between a British royal and an American actress of Hollywood. However, it has been revealed that she probably has her roots in Britain by virtue of a lineage that goes back to the days of William Shakespeare and Winston Churchill.

The Sun UK reports that Meghan, the star of “The Suits,” is distantly related to both William Shakespeare and Winston Churchill. This is according to research conducted by genealogists at It seems that although Meghan was born in Los Angeles, her mother is related to the Bard.

Meghan also has links to Sir Winston Churchill. The links were located by genealogists on the website because they wanted to help Meghan discover some English roots.

How did the two meet?

There was a mystery matchmaker who worked behind the scenes to bring Prince Harry and Meghan Markle together. The identity of this person was kept a secret but, it is now known that she was someone close to Harry, and had arranged for a blind date so they could meet.

According to E! News, the woman who played cupid was Violet who was a childhood friend of Harry. Her father was not only a baron but was very close to Prince Charles, and Violet was one among the trusted inner circle of Harry. She also knew Meghan through their association with the fashion house Ralph Lauren because Meghan was a part of the London social scene for a while.

The two of them gelled, and the Hollywood actress of “The Suits” became a natural choice for Harry. Their first meeting in 2016 was not one by chance, but the result of the deliberate arrangement of this mutual friend. The Meghan-Harry chemistry was what fairytales are made of. They clicked at first sight and within no time, slipped off to Botswana to enjoy a week-long vacation under the African stars.

Meghan knows her role

It is immaterial whether Meghan Markle is an American or British. She and Prince Harry are set to tie the knot on May 19 and she is right now in a learning mode. As an actress of Hollywood, she has seen the world from close quarters and has already proven herself to the Queen and a section of the Royal family.

She has also accompanied Harry when he traveled to different parts of England and has impressed all those she met. She has to, probably, brush up on royal etiquette which should not be a problem because she has an acting background and actors are quick learners.