Is there anything singer, songwriter, and dancer Air Janareio can't do? At 20-years-young, Air is an accomplished vocalist and pianist and excels at many forms of music including R&B, jazz, pop, electro, EDM, swing, alternative, Pop Swing, and jazz-pop.

Social media maven

The Greenville, South Carolina native, and fourth child of the Janareio family, Air began blogging on Youtube in 2012, making lyrical videos and movie trailers. Since then, Air has expanded her brand via Facebook and Instagram. Add to that her music video, "Crazy Replay" and many fashion show and club-concert appearances, and Air is on her way to becoming a household name.

Talent emerging through Social Media

Mixing dance moves from the old and new schools; Air continues to influence many young fans Worldwide. With good looks, a sparkling personality and social media acumen, Air is an emerging talent in the entertainment business.

Air took time out from her busy schedule to talk with Blasting News about her dynamite career.

Q: How did your album "Air Janareio" come to life?

Air Janareio: Haha well it's actually my name and the title of my first ALBUM! WHOOT whoot!

Q: When did you start singing?

Air: I started singing actually probably in the womb. My mom was a choir director in a church for some years before and after my birth. As far as I know, she recalls me singing at three in the church's youth choir.

Haha little me!

Q: Are you better at performing a dance or slow jams?

Air: Wow that's a good question! I love both rhythmic styles of music; I would have to say dancing to slow jams just because I can't choose which one I like more.Ha!

Q: Who were your favorite singers growing up?

Air: Growing up I would have to say, my family.

Gosh, my mother, my grandmother, my great uncles---boy do they take you back to a place where music is appreciated. I must say whether it was at a cookout or family reunion it inspired me and reminded me of people of their era: Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, Dianna Ross, Gladys Knight, Patti Labelle, Billie Holiday, even Michael Jackson.

Q: You're an actress. What have been some of your favorite roles?

Air: My favorite roles... corny as it may sound...when I was 12 I played a stud pirate who later became a criminal in my middle school Fine Arts program. It was literally the LIT-est thing; I remember getting into character with my mom reading lines and hanging out with the cast at our teachers' RANCH! Shoutout to A.R.M.E.S, haha!

Q: Do you like stage better or film?

Air: As of now I've only done a few things with film, so I'm not really valid to answer that. Yet! (winks)

Q: What advice would you give your younger self?

Air: I would advise myself to stop worrying about other people of course and just work even harder to get what you want.

Q: What is your personal motto?

Air: All Life Is Precious

Q: What's next?

Air: I've got a lot of music videos coming soon, excited about that! The rest you're just going to have to stay tuned on my social media! Air Janareio the album isn't just it! (winks again)