Every time a TV Show experiences a growing spiral, its own future or longevity comes under immediate scrutiny. Now, ''This Is Us'' is no longer a niche TV snow as it was back in 2016 when the first season was delivered by NBC. Recently, one of his leading actors Sterling K. Brown bagged a Golden Globe award for the best actor in a TV series drama. Therefore, the well-established fan base is expected to experience a growth curve in the near future.

As everyone does when some pieces of information regarding a TV show are needed, website IMDb becomes a search destination.

According to this website, the ''This Is Us'' future goes no further than an already confirmed Season 3. Although that might have been the initial plan for the show, now that it clearly gained some solid traction, a confirmation for a follow-up won't be such a surprise.

'This Is Us' stands for innovation within the TV shows' environment

At first glance, it may look like an easier, less demanding TV show but once the viewer starts to go deeper into the plot, there is no turning back. Basically, the show emprisons its viewers with a flurry of rawness and day-to-day struggle of a middle-class American family. But that's not all, as many sideline stories and twists keep coming up to the surface. And what's even more impressive is the ability to provide order in that apparent chaotic narrative.

To make it even more interesting, there is a constant back and forth between past and present. By far, the most enigmatic character is Jack Pearson, the head of Pearson family, and the one whose death gives a lot of working material for the entire plot. And, it seems like Season 2 will not end before unveiling the scene of Jack's death, a mystery that has been around since the beginning.

Season 3 can provide the necessary ground for closure

If ''This Is Us'' is to be terminated once the next season comes to an end, it won't be such a tragedy. With Jack's death set to be unveiled by the end of the current season, it means that the aftermath will receive a generous space to settle things down. The death of the main character also means a surge of the dramatic output of the show.

Already knowing how Jack's death impacted his family's future, a respectable amount of tissue is expected to be drowned in tears.

Many questions regarding the ''This Is Us'' future are still without a compelling answer, but the Season 2 finale might shed some light at least on some of them.