Last week, it was revealed that Alaskan Bush People star Ami Brown’s cancer has disappeared. It is indeed a miracle, as the 54-year-old was given a mere three percent chance of survival from the disease. Ami’s husband, Billy, opened up to People magazine about Ami’s battle against cancer and the plan if the tumors did not disappear.

Ami Brown went through radiation treatment and chemotherapy for months. Her doctors initially said it they would need a total miracle for Ami to live after three to four months. Cancer had spread to her chest, back, and lungs.

She was diagnosed with stage 3B lung cancer in early 2017.

‘We’ve been through a lot’

Ami’s weight went all the way down to a deadly 77 pounds because of the treatments. Her body could not take any more and all she could eat was a sucker. The battle against cancer took a toll on Ami’s body, and there were times she could not even swallow anything because it was too painful.

Her heart just couldn’t take it anymore. She was just a few pounds [away] from dying,” 65-year-old Billy told the magazine.

Billy always went with Ami in her treatments. In the exclusive interview with People, he shared how tough it is to go to chemo and see other cancer patients declining. Then, one day, you just no longer see them, especially the ones you have been friends with.

It was really a test of faith for Ami and Billy’s family, but Billy said when faith is all you have, you have to hold tight on to it.

‘It’s completely gone’

Ami went through the treatment until early December. When they returned for a scan on Dec. 21, they received the good news. The doctor said there is nothing in her chest and back now and they could not find any signs of it.

“It’s completely gone,” the doctor told Ami and Billy.

Billy said they honestly did not expect the news to be that good. Ami, on the other hand, said she was kind of expecting it because she could feel it.

If the news had been bad, Billy revealed that the plan would be to give Ami two months break to bring her weight back up.

Then she would undergo treatment again after six months.

Fortunately, Ami is now in remission. She needs to pass five years to be considered cancer-free. She will undergo scans every three months to check if the cancer is back or not. Billy reveals that the doctors could not find the primary or where the cancer came from, so they are still worried it might return.

The mother of seven is recovering well today and has gained weight. Ami is now at 104 pounds and she can already eat better.