''This Is Us'' Season 2 is now just six episodes away from delivering its finale. Developed on an 18 episodes structure, the second season of the NBC's masterpiece TV series, the Pearsons saga is about to take a serious turn as the season is trying to explore more about this average American family's affairs, from past and present as well.

Episode 12 ''Clooney'' had it name given after a stranded cat that ended up being William's companion for a while. The whole picture Episode 12 embodied was about to end on a rather unexpected positive note when a simple zoom of the camera, that invisible hand that produces the show went on bursting the soap bubble.

It was a reminder of how much tears and drama this show has left in the tank.

The fragile balance all characters are looking for

It's not that uncommon for a show to present a completely different picture from one episode to another, and the latest episode of ''This Is Us'' seems to have done just that. Episode 12 can be described as a reassessment effort from all the parties involved.

Kevin goes to live with his mother for a while as he and Rebecca need some time together after that harsh therapy session. Moreover, Kevin has a chance to find more common ground with Miguel and, as a bonus, the viewer got to see one of their past intersection during that family adventure at the mall.

Kate's life seems to have the most linear path of all as she starts to prep for her wedding with Toby.

Along the way, she discovered that she and Madison have quite a lot in common. It all ended up with Madison concluding that she has just found a best friend.

In the meantime, Randall won't stop from digging into his biological father's past. Williams' history represents an exciting way for Randall to find a connection to his roots.

Unfortunately, Beth seems to disagree with her husband lacking usual sharpness. It all came to a middle cut resolution with Randall and Beth about to enter a massive endeavor that would help some people in need.

The wake-up call and a pesky safety device

''This Is Us'' latest episode ends with Jack and Rebecca having a moment of cold reflection while sharing a cozy couch in their living room.

Jack caught Rebecca off guarded with his plans to start his own construction business. As they both realize how reckless the idea might be, the camera slowly changes its focus from them to a spot in the ceiling.

It's a smoke detector that gives a long-awaited hint of how Jack's death would occur. As we already about a dramatic fire, the sole unwon part was represented by the potential cause of it. In the past, there were several references to some bad fuses on the electrical system of the Pearsons' house. Now, it seems that a chain of reactions is about to start and a faulty smoke detector device will be a part of the tragedy too.