Another week just started which means that yet another ''This Is Us'' treat is about to be delivered. Episode 12 of the NBC's leading TV drama is expected on Tuesday evening. Since the beginning, Season 2 has brought some interesting stuff to the table. Finding itself a bit past the half season milestone, the narrative has so many possible scenarios which make it hard to predict how things will settle.

Recently, there was a change of course as Kevin Pearson got the spotlight. Struggling both physically and mentally, Kevin turned the show into his own personal business.

But, it seems that it won't last too much as Jack's death-thread is about to receive another incentive. According to IMDB, Episode 12 ''Clooney'' will go deeper exploring Pearson's past and present endeavors.

Milo Ventimiglia who plays Jack Pearson's character hinted about the character's death

An extremely-well embodied character, Jack Pearson seems to be the key that unlocks all different types of doors the show might have. Basically, the show in its entirety revolves around the Jack persona. It's impressive how others apply a Jack Pearson filter into their own lives. This weighting mechanism has been the one constant for decades and the possibility of solving Jack's death puzzle might stir things up quite a bit.

On a funny note, the viewers will get a one-time passage into what Toby referred to as a no-fly zone. According to, Milo Ventimiglia has some things to say about his character's death. There have been theories on this matter, but none of them seems to have solved the puzzle yet. According to Ventimiglia, Jack's death details will be unveiled soon and they will hurt a large part of that devoted audience of the show.

Playing Jack Pearson in ''This Is US,'' Milo Ventimiglia may have reached a tipping point in his acting career. Depicting a near-to-perfection father and husband, the 40-year-old actor gained a huge fanbase after his decision to join ''This Is Us'' project. What's even more impressive is that he has no children in real life which speaks about his abilities to carry out the acting part.

What to expect from Episode 12

Well, although it seems that the Season 2 finale is set for some breathtaking developments, but we must bite our fingernails for a while. In the meantime, Pearsons puzzle will see few more pieces added up. It seems that Episode 12 will follow Kate and her wedding plans with Toby while Randall will start digging deeper into his biological father William's pas. It will also be interesting to follow Kevin and his efforts to get back on track.

And, of course, we are set for another journey into the past exploring few more details of the Pearsons' cluster.