Teresa Giudice is dealing with a lot while Joe is behind bars. Radar Online shared that Teresa is allegedly really scared that Joe could get deported when he gets out of prison, but everyone wants to know if she will be going along with him or not. Teresa hasn't opened up yet about what her decision would be.

Details about why Joe could get deported

It turns out that when everything came to light about Joe Giudice's financial fraud, they also found out that he was living in the United States illegally. This means that once Joe gets done with his time in jail they could decide to deport him to Italy.

An insider shared saying, "Teresa is terrified Joe will be deported upon his release in less than two years."

The source went on to explain that because of the felony charges against him, it won't be easy for Joe to win the case. Joe Giudice allegedly knew this when he took his plea deal. Of course, he is sitting in prison now and won't know for a while if he is going to end up being deported or not.

Will she stay behind?

The source explained that Joe is actually terrified that Teresa and the girls won't go with him. Instead, she could end up staying here in the United States if he is deported. Teresa and Joe have gotten used to being apart and she might end up deciding that she can live without him to stay here.

So far, Teresa Giudice hasn't said if she plans to go with him or not. She has said that Italy is pretty, but she hasn't said she would live there. It sounds like she is just going to avoid talking about a decision until she has no choice but to make her mind up about if she wants to go or not. The source said that Teresa hasn't forgiven Joe yet.

The source said, "Teresa and Joe’s marriage is not as it once was. They’re both changed people. Both of them have grown so if he must go Teresa doesn’t think she’s going with him. At least not how she feels today.”

Recently on "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," the fans saw Teresa talk about how she wanted an apology from Joe and she finally got it when she went to see him in prison.

It had been over six months since she had seen him when she went. Teresa doesn't seem to be going to see Joe near as often as he went to see her while she was in prison.

Do you think that Teresa Giudice should end up going with Joe if he gets deported? Do you think that he will end up getting sent away? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" when they air on Wednesday nights on Bravo.