It is now coming out that Farrah Abraham's dad Michael secretly went to rehab for a drug addiction. Somehow, he was able to keep this quiet and the fans are just now finding out. Radar Online shared about what went down with Michael from "Teen Mom OG."

Details about Michael's stay in rehab

Farrah Abraham has admitted in the past that she used drugs, but it turns out that her dad Michael has had a few issues as well. He actually talked to Radar Online himself about the problems that have happened in his past. He shared saying, "I had an extremely bad addiction problem in my 20s.

It was a cocaine addiction. I had relapsed and I went to rehab." Michael didn't hold back and is revealing a lot about himself that the fans didn't know already.

The thing is Michael is doing great now. He moved on from his addiction and even helps others with problems now. Michael is actually working on his own book right now. This book will tell a lot of history and he will go back to the time that Farrah ended up pregnant and their life before they were ever on reality television.

Farrah Abraham had her own drug issues, but that was when she lost the father of her child Derek Underwood when he was killed in a car accident. This was a very hard time on her and she leaned on drugs to get through it all.

Could this have ruined his marriage?

Debra Danielsen actually shared that Michael's drug use was part of why their marriage fell apart. She stated that he wanted her to do drugs with him and it wasn't her thing. In her new book that is coming out at the end of this month, she talks all about how this made the two disconnect and wasn't good on their marriage at all.

This could be the reason that Michael is speaking out now. Debra's book "Vapor" will hit shelves on January 30 and now the fans of the show are going to be reading everything that Debra had to say about Michael and his past. Instead of there being a lot of speculation, he is just revealing that he did go to rehab in his past and is doing better now.

One thing is that Michael is saying none of this went down while he was actually married to Debra Danielson. It will be pretty interesting to see if Debra's book makes it sound like the drug use was during their marriage more than he is revealing.

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