Back in December, Briana DeJesus' mom Roxanne of "Teen Mom 2" shared on Twitter that she was battling lupus. This hasn't been easy and fans have been looking for an update. When she shared the diagnosis, she said, "They weren’t kidding when they said it takes series of test to be diagnosed with lupus. Thankful and grateful that I’m feeling so much better." It sounds like it wasn't easy for her to figure out what was going on, but now that she has answers that helps.

Briana shares how her mom is doing

On Wednesday, Briana DeJesus gave Blasting News an Exclusive update on her mom.

She said, "She’s ok for now. She’s been a lot better but with lupus, you never know. Things can change over night we're continuing to pray for her and appreciate prayers and good wishes." The fans are really glad to hear an update on her mom and luckily this is a good one.

Lupus is an incurable autoimmune disease and it causes you to be sleepy and also causes joint pain. Roxanne did reply to a fan who was worried about her when she announced the news saying, "Thanks/staying hydrated helps so that the veins won’t collapse.”

Briana DeJesus has a very healthy relationship with her mom unlike some of the other stars of "Teen Mom." Briana and Brittany and the grandchildren have lived with Roxanne, which probably does help her by having them by her side while she is going through this battle.

Everyone has been really concerned about her.

Roxanne shares her journey on social networks

If you check out Roxanne DeJesus on her Twitter, she is constantly sharing about lupus. She posts various pictures and information that lets the fans know more about what she is battling. She is also asking fans to retweet these posts to help out in raising awareness about lupus.

It doesn't sound like this is an easy disease to diagnose and it is incurable, but of course, can be treated. She explained that no two cases are alike and this is what makes it so hard for scientists to figure out a cure and the best way to treat people. Roxanne hasn't given many updates on her Twitter, but she is doing a good job of raising awareness about lupus and letting her followers in on what it is that she is dealing with by having this disease.

Fans have been sending prayers to Briana DeJesus and her mom Roxanne. Hopefully, they will continue to keep fans updated on how she is doing and things will stay great for her. Don't miss new episodes of "Teen Mom OG" when they air on Monday nights on MTV.