Nathan Griffith and Jenelle Evans were once the highlight of “Teen Mom 2.” Their relationship was put on display for the world to see, with a baby on the way for the two quite quickly after hooking up. Evans and Griffith were tumultuous together, but some fans had a soft spot for them in their hearts. Once they split for good, Jenelle allegedly used their son, Kaiser, as a pawn against Nathan. While he was not innocent, he wanted to help raise his son.

Jenelle rants

Twitter is the go-to for reality stars to rant about their personal problems. The “Teen Mom” franchise stars all do it, some more than others.

Jenelle Evans was complaining on Twitter about one parent using a child against the other. Most likely, she was addressing the situation her husband, David Eason, has found himself in. He is currently taking his son's mother, Olivia, to court to see his child. Apparently, there is a court order she is breaking, and Eason wants to see his child. Evans is mad about how it is going down, making the ex out to be the bad parent. Of course, this could easily be the pot calling the kettle black if you think about it.

This situation is similar to what Nathan Griffith has accused Jenelle Evans of doing.

While “Teen Mom 2” fans know that he has gone through some issues, he is clearly wanting to be a part of his son's life. David Eason has stepped in and fed Jenelle lines to send to Nathan. He helps raise Kaiser but is definitely helping his wife to keep Griffith away. In fact, Nathan's mom, Doris, has filed for custody of Kaiser.

The court date was pushed back due to her health issues, but there is a very real possibility that his mom could end up raising the little boy.

It's shady on Twitter

In a funny turn of events, Nathan Griffith actually threw shade at Jenelle Evans without tagging her in the response. It was clearly meant for her, though no mention of her name appeared at all.

Griffith talked about what parents should do on behalf of the child, presumably adding some of his own experiences in for good measure. “Teen Mom 2” fans quickly pointed that out on the social media platform, and surprisingly, they are on his side with this.

It is likely that Nathan Griffith avoided tagging Jenelle Evans because she is cease and desist happy. She sent out the letters to some of her co-stars a few months back. The shade will have to do for now, but Evans has no doubt been alerted to what he said and how it was directed at her.