A member of the Brown family may be involved in an illegal pyramid scheme with a woman’s clothing company called LuLaRoe, and that member would be Meri Brown. This clothing company, apparently, isn't treating their fashion consultants very well as four plaintiffs have now filed a class-action suit against the brand that they believe is a pyramid scheme. This would not be the first time that Meri has found herself in the news, lately, as it has been heavily rumored that she may be leaving the family all together.

You can watch the family drama play out on their TLC reality television series “Sister Wives.”

What is this pyramid scheme that Meri Brown may be involved in?

As mentioned above, the clothing company LuLaRoe has recently received a class-action lawsuit from four plaintiffs calling the business a pyramid scheme. To be more specific, the reason the company is being sued is that it has apparently deceived its salespeople, also known as fashion consultants, about the whole refund policy. The plaintiffs claim that LuLaRoe told its employees that they were able to return any unsold item they bought for a full refund if they decided that they wanted to part ways with the company. However, in September, the company decided to change their refund policy from 100% to 90% with added additional restrictions.

Well, apparently Meri Brown does not have any issues with this fashion company since she describes working with them as “a blessing and a game-changer.” I have even attached an Instagram post below of the Brown family member talking about her clothing from LuLaRoe.

What is the rest of the Brown family up to?

Well, if you have been keeping up with the Brown family then you will know that their TLC series “Sister Wives” has just started a brand new season which began airing this month.

In this new season of the show, you get to see the aftermath of one of Kody's daughters, Mariah, after she bravely came out to her family last season. That is not all that is happening with this new season. We will also get to see another of Kody’s daughters, Mykelti, get married to the very controversial Tony Padron. The main reason this Tony is so controversial is that many people believe he is a very rude person, not just to Mykelti, but the entire Brown family.

For example, Padron invited himself to Mykelti’s wedding dress rehearsals and all he did when he was there was make silly jokes about push up bras.

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