Football isn’t the only reason people tune in to the Super Bowl. It’s all about the commercials. Every year there are special commercials that air for the first time in the prestigious spots. Sometimes the commercials will only appear during the hours of the big NFL showdown. Each year the commercials are bigger and more entertaining, and sometimes they are better than the game and halftime show put together! It’s not surprising that the Super Bowl 2018 commercials are on everyone’s radar.

It’s time to get yourself ready. Here are the five most highly anticipated commercials during the Super Bowl 2018 breaks to look out for.

1. Alexa losing her voice

Amazon’s Alexa is sweeping the nation. Households use the voice-activated device for family fun, to get an update on the news and weather, and just to play music around their home. One thing for certain is that Alexa will always talk back to you. That is until recently. Amazon has released a teaser of the upcoming commercial for Sunday night. Alexa will lose her voice and there’s a replacement at the ready. Just what or who will this replacement be? You will need to watch during the ad breaks to find out.

2. James Cromwell in the PETA commercial

You will definitely think twice about the marketing slogans on packaging. The first few seconds of the anticipated Super Bowl 52 commercial makes it clear that free-range may not be as free as you would initially assume.

James Cromwell plays the role of a priest in the commercial and hears about the man who came up with the slogans and marketing terms.

PETA wants to help raise awareness for the marketing terms and beliefs that people are buying “humane” meat. Cromwell is a proud vegan, so it’s not surprising that he’ll play a major part in this commercial.

Also, PETA didn’t have a commercial last year, so 2018 is a year to shine.

3. Spicy BBQ pizza and Pringles

Bill Hader steps into a Pringles commercial, where spicy BBQ pizza is made. If there’s one word you will take from the Super Bowl, it’s going to be “WOW” and that’s not because of the action of the game. It’s a simple ad, but well worth looking out for.

The current one on YouTube is 30 seconds long, but this may be just a teaser of the things to come.

4. M&Ms turn human

Another well-known film star is taking a dip into the commercials for the Super Bowl 2018. For M&Ms it’s Danny DeVito. The comedy actor will play the role of the red M&M. Yes, really! It’s time for the M&Ms to become human and it will all come from the wish of a penny. The current teaser hits on the same level of humor as previous commercials and there are likely many more to come around this storyline.

5. Chris Pratt training for his ad

If you love Chris Pratt, you’ll love a recent commercial doing the rounds. The "Jurassic World" and "Guardians of the Galaxy" actor makes it extremely clear that he’s training for something special: the Michelob Ultra commercial.

There’s absolutely no idea what is to come from the actual ad, but the teaser will certainly put a smile on your face.

What commercials are you most looking forward to seeing during Super Bowl 2018? Share the ones that stand out the most for you in the comments below.