Jessica Eason Miller has fired shots at Jenelle Evans again. These two have been feuding hard since last May, and now, it is game on. Miller is the sister of David Eason who married Evans last fall. The two built their dream home on a piece of land they purchased. Eason and Jenelle are raising their blended family together. The couple shares a daughter together, and they each have two other children from previous relationships.

The clothing line

As Radar Online reports, Jessica Eason Miller has developed a Clothing Line to shade Jenelle Evans. The apparel has digs on the “Teen Mom 2” that includes the saying “Feed Kai” which is in reference to her middle son, Kaiser and “Makin my family on the lannnd.” This is going to set Jenelle off, but as of now, there has been no comment from her.

Fans believe she is going to do something about it, but the question is what. Miller has been consistently throwing shade at Evans, all of which has been reported on by various media outlets.

The feud between sister-in-laws stems from Jessica Eason Miller hanging out with David Eason's baby mama, Olivia. She is reportedly denying David Eason access to their son despite having court-ordered visitation. Eason is taking her back to court to enforce the agreement, but back in May, Jessica and Olivia were hanging out together with the minor child. Jenelle Evans has done everything she can to reportedly alienate David from his family.

Rocky relationship

Rumors have circulated for quite some time that the relationship between Jenelle Evans and David Eason isn't what it appears to be.

He has been dubbed as a control freak. This isn't shocking to “Teen Mom 2” viewers who watched footage of a fight they had, heard the audio, and then watched their interactions after. Something is definitely off between them, but Evans refuses to comment on it. Jessica Eason Miller believes Jenelle is the reason for everything bad in David's life.

She accused her of taking her children's uncle away, and there was no response from the couple on that.

It will be interesting to see how Jenelle Evans will react to the clothing line done by Jessica Eason Miller. There are plenty of viewers out there who would purchase one of these items just to stick it to the “Teen Mom 2” star. Evans is never responsible for her actions, it is always someone else's fault. This could get really nasty, really fast once word of the clothing line spreads.