Maci Bookout is playing it safe these days. One eagle-eyed fan called the "Teen Mom OG" star out after noticing that Maci was wearing a seatbelt while riding in a limo. She tweeted at the reality star, laughing about Maci's "extra cautious" use of hit a seatbelt when she clearly didn't have to put one on.

Maci responds to seatbelt tweet

It all started when @Britt_burns tweeted at Maci and said, "@MaciBookout I’ve never seen someone buckle up in a limo. extra cautious" followed by a laughing/crying face emoji. Maci likely didn't find the humor in it, although she started off her responded with "Haha." She explained exactly why she buckles up, even when she's riding in a limo.

A lot of "Teen Mom OG" fans will probably even remember the horrific accident that she was talking about.

Maci tweeted back and said, "haha! i was waiting on someone to catch that. my seatbelt seriously saved my life in a horrific accident a couple of years ago, i never go without it."

To that, the original tweeted replied, "that’s good though! I never knew they had seatbelts!"

The story behind the seatbelt tweet

Maci Bookout did survive a horrific Car Accident a few years ago. Many "Teen Mom OG" fans might even remember hearing about it on the MTV show.

Back in 2015, when her son Bentley was just 6-years old, Maci and Bentley were in a car accident that changed the young mom's life and obviously changed her way of thinking too.

Maci was pregnant with Jayde at the time. As Us Weekly reported back when it happened, Maci Bookout was just driving down the highway when she slammed into a car with a blown out tire.

With Bentley in the back seat, Maci's Jeep hit a center divider before it flipped three times and ended up upside down when it finally stopped.

Thankfully, Maci and Bentley weren't hurt in the crash but things could have turned out much worse. Thankfully, both Maci and her son were wearing their seatbelts. The "Teen Mom OG" star even told her then-boyfriend Taylor McKinney that she kept having flashbacks about the whole nightmare on an episode of the show.

After the accident, Maci Bookout shared pictures of the wreckage on social media. She captioned a photo of the totaled Jeep, saying, "Thanking God that Bentley and I were able to walk away from this nightmare with only a few bruises." After the fact, Maci made it clear that the accident was not her fault and that her Jeep was totaled in the crash.

After surviving such a horrific crash that involved two of her children, one of them being unborn, it's not really shocking that Maci Bookout would be a stickler for seatbelts.