"This is Us" Season 2 Episode 13 brought us one step closer to resolving the mystery of Jack Pearson's death as we finally got to see the start of that house fire everyone has been talking about ever since the start of the season. The details, however, remain unknown. Is Jack's death connected to this fire? Will he die trying to save his family? Will he succeed only to realize that the dog is still in the house and then die a hero that he, most definitely is?

The answers to these burning questions (no pun intended) will be revealed in the next episode that will air on Sunday, February 4th, right after the Super Bowl.

It will be the sad day for all "This is Us" fans out there. But for now, let's focus on this week's episode and try to break down its most important moments.

A quick recap

Last week Miguel said that Rebecca and Jack had a bond so strong that it was like they were the same person. And in this episode, we got yet another proof that truer words have never been spoken.

As they were preparing for another Super Bowl, Jack, and Rebecca faced the fact that this will be the last Super Bowl they will spend with the kids who will all be in college by the same time next year, so they decided to make that day count. But the kids, as we soon realized, had other plans.

Kevin, still mad at the world because of his injury decided to spend the night at Sophie's place, but not before he argued with his parents.

"I was supposed to end up at the Super Bowl," Kevin said, "not watch it like you guys." Even though he called home to apologize for that, those words will be the last he ever said to his father.

Randall ditched the game only to go on a date with Allison from the mall, and Kate decided to go to her friend's house. So just like that Jack and Rebecca were left alone.

And that reminded us how great these two are together. In addition to being each other's support in life, they agreed to be business partners as well.

Mystery solved

It was in the final moments of the episode that we learned that it was actually a slow cooker (given to Jack and Rebecca by one of their neighbors a long time ago) that started the fire.

It flicked back in the middle of the night despite the fact that Jack turned it off.

In the present day, Kevin was making amends as a part of his therapy, while Randall was trying to repair the building he and Beth just bought. Kate surprised Toby by bringing home a dog from a shelter even though dogs are clearly a sensitive topic for her. But does this mean that Jack actually died trying to save Kate's dog from the fire? We will find out soon enough.

As we already said, all questions will be answered on Sunday, February 4th, after the Super Bowl. In the meantime, take a look at the promo down below.