The news is out, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have reportedly settled on an official baby name for their new baby girl. The baby arrived on January 15 at 12:47 AM, weighing in at seven pounds and six ounces, via surrogacy.TMZ reports that Kim and Kanye decided to name new baby West after Kanye's beloved hometown.

The new parents revealed the happy baby name news, very simply, by posting the name Chicago West via Kim's Twitter app. According to Celebrity News, Kim and Kanye's two older children have fallen in love with the newest family member and are referring to baby sister simply as Chi, pronounced /SHī/.

Will Kim and Kanye begin planning a fourth baby?

It was recently rumored that Kim and Kylie were bickering over several baby names which included Princess, Star, and Love, but it seems that that tidbit was just given off as false info to fans. It was also suggested that Kim was leaning towards naming her new daughter after Louis Vuitton. Fans, in these cases, are just never too sure who to believe when it comes to celebrity baby names, it appears anything goes and does!

Karjenner jealously issue?

However, it should be rather interesting to see what names Khloe and Kylie follow up Chicago with. Khloe K. has mentioned that if she has a boy she plans on going with Tristan Jr., but we haven't heard any hints as far as a girls name, and we just haven't heard anything when it comes to Kylie.

But we have to ask, just how long will it be before a whole lot of sibling rivalry over their children break out?

As you can imagine, the West mansion is most likely in total chaos, at this time, as the family members all adjust to baby Chicago's arrival. Not many details are yet known surrounding Chicago West's birth, other than that Kim was in the delivery room, as was Kanye.

However, Kanye opted to remain behind a curtain until the baby arrived,

However, Kim was front and center the entire time and was on hand to make sure she received those first precious moments of mommy/baby skin to skin time. All are reported to be healthy and happy with the news Karjenner female. I'm sure fans will agree that she arrived in a very KarJenner way, with loads of rumors and speculation surrounding the birth.

Better get used to that Chicago West, it has only just begun. As for the latest on the remaining expected KarJenner babies, Khloe is set to deliver in March and Kylie, who has yet to confirm anything about her pregnancy and is the source multiple circulating rumors.

Firstly, Kylie has (allegedly) already given birth and is actually Kim Kardashian's surrogate. Second, Kylie has already given birth and plans to remain secluded for several years. Lastly, Kylie is due anytime now and there will be a huge KarJenner baby announcement made in a very over-the-top and highly profitable way that only grandma Kris Jenner could pull off.

Either way, congratulations to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on the arrival of their daughter Chicago West.