The wait is over! Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have shared the name of their new baby and it's definitely different.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed their newest bundle of joy on Monday, sharing the news with fans almost immediately. Baby number three was born at 12:47 a.m., weighing 7 pounds, 6 ounces.

The pair has now named their new baby girl and also shared their choice with fans via social media and on Kim Kardashian's website and app. While Kim and Kanye made it clear that they won't be naming any more babies after directions on the map, their newest name certainly can be found on one.

They also broke their own one-syllable name trends for their youngest baby.

Kim and Kanye break their baby name trend

If you're still reading and just want us to tell you what Kim and Kanye named their baby already, here it is. North and Saint's little sister will be called Chicago West. Clearly, this is a tribute to Kanye's hometown and the city that inspired him to become the man that he is today.

Much like with North's birth, Kim has a certain expectation as far as what the baby's nickname will be. Remember when she said we'd be calling her older girl "Nori?" Well, so far I've never seen anyone call her that. Nicknames kind of just happen and often aren't forced but hey, maybe this one will stick.

Kim explained on her own website and app that they plan to call the baby "Chi." According to Khloe Kardashian, the pronunciation for Chicago's nickname will be "Shy."

Kim shares details of her pregnancy via surrogate

Ever since confirming that she and Kanye were expecting baby number three, Kim has shared many details about her experience in using a surrogate to expand her family and the challenges that it was presented.

For Kim, having another woman grow her child was hard to deal with. It's no secret that Kim is a bit of a control freak and she admitted that she didn't like not having control over this aspect of her life like she normally does.

Kim also shared that she was afraid she wouldn't bond with baby Chicago the way she did with North and Saint due to not being pregnant herself.

However, it was also shared that Kim was the first person to have skin-to-skin contact with her new baby girl as soon as she was born. She was also in the delivery room with the surrogate when he daughter was delivered.

How do you feel about the new baby name chosen by Kim Kardashian and Kanye West? Does Chicago West have a nice ring to it? Or should she have passed on that suggestion and picked something else?