Spoiler alerts from Soaps She Knows indicate that February sweeps will bring drama, new revelations and even the end to several relationships on "General Hospital." Now that Nathan has gone public with the knowledge that Faison is his father, his relationship with Maxie is already experiencing tension. Things can only get worse until this saga comes to an end. Sam and Drew will get married only to possibly find out that he already has a wife. Spoilers indicate however that it will not be Kim. Franco and Liz will part ways which may open the door for her to reunite with Jason once again.

February sweeps bring uncertainty for Maxie, Nathan, Drew, and Sam

Nathan and Maxie's course has pretty much been set as they are trying to flush out Faison. There are also rumors that Ryan Peavy exiting "GH" may result in his character being killed off. This would leave his wife a single mom and no doubt Spinelli would jump in to help. Spoilers indicate that Drew and Sam are headed for some unexpected bumps in the road.

It's been confirmed that a wedding scene has already been taped but fans who want this couple together should not break out the champagne just yet. Soaps She Knows indicates that Drew already has a wife but it will not be Oscar's mom because the timeline would not fit. If true Sam may find her way back to Jason by the time the nine-month arc is finished.

In the meantime, spoilers indicate that Mr. Morgan may find solace in the arms of another. All of this will make February sweeps pretty interesting.

Liz, Franco, and Jason may have a love triangle

Spoiler alerts also suggest February will bring challenges for Franco, Elizabeth, and Jason. They say that Liz and her sweetie will part ways, which may lead to her reuniting with Jake's father on the rebound.

Nothing has been said regarding what causes the split but "General Hospital" fans already know there is a strong connection between "Liason" so it would be natural for them to come together once more.

Franco has done everything he can to hold on to the woman he loves, so if they break up it may be the result of Liz finding out about the secrets he continues to hide.

Stay tuned weekday afternoons to "General Hospital" at 2:00 PM on ABC. February sweeps promise to be very eventful so don't miss one episode. The nine-month arc is winding down so keep watching to find out which of your favorite couples will come out on top. There is still time for "JaSam" to find their way back to each other.