Farrah Abraham of "Teen Mom OG" says she is moving on from MTV. The reality star went to her Instagram to share her thoughts and she didn't hold back at all. Farrah really does look like she is done with "Teen Mom OG" but only time will tell. She is really mad at the network and says it all in this new post.

What did Farrah have to say?

Farrah didn't hold back at all. She started out the post saying, "Never apologize for being an ambitious, confident, and strong minded women, as I become the best Farrah I can be, I won’t let a man or network be little me, try to break me, lie about who I am to my core, I’m bullied, surrounded & hurt by all the manipulation." According to Farrah, the show will no longer be around her family at all.

She feels like her brand has done better than the "Teen Mom" brand has done. She feels like she started the show, but at this point in her life, she has also outgrown it. Farrah hasn't continued to have children like some of the other mothers on the show.

She went on to say that they actually canceled her dating show on her. Farrah didn't explain these details, but the fans would love to hear why they did that to her. She explained that she is a protective mother and will no longer allow them around her child. Farrah went on to accuse MTV of making up hate about her so they could limit her episodes on the show. She also wants to teach her daughter to be different than the way MTV treated them.

Of course, her daughter is going to notice the things that go on since the cameras are already around their house.

What goes down next week?

Along with this post, Farrah Abraham shared the preview for next week and as it says everyone will be talking about this moment after it airs. This episode is going to show the huge blow up that lead to this post she just made.

Farrah is told that out of all nine moms she is the only one that is the problem, to which she tells them "I'm not difficult." It looks like there is going to be a lot more to see after that, but you will have to watch "Teen Mom OG" to see it.

Are you shocked to hear that Farrah Abraham is saying she is done with MTV and moving on?

Do you feel like they will be able to convince her to come back? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Teen Mom OG" when they air on MTV on Monday nights. The episode on Monday, January 29, 2018, is when this will go down so make sure you watch live or set the DVR. You do not want to miss this drama with Farrah next week.