Fans met and fell in love with Gus Smyrnios on the MTV show "Floribama Shore" during season one. This show put several people in a house together, which of course, results in chaos. This show was full of drama, but it was also a group that ended up getting really close and can't wait to return to MTV for another season. Gus ended up having an ankle injury that has been hard on him, but he has been sharing some on his social networks about it. Fans have been curious about how he is doing and now the update is here.

How is Gus doing now?

Gus Smyrnios spoke to Blasting News exclusively to let them know how things are going since his injury.

Gus said, "I’ve already been through a complete arm and leg reconstruction surgery and still managed to stay in shape throughout it. This 3rd degree ligament sprain Is just going to motivate me more to train harder to get in shape for season 2.” It sounds like this injury isn't near as bad as stuff that Gus has dealt with in the past, so he is lucky that it is just a really bad sprain. This type of strain can sometimes be harder to get over than a break, so this is going to be a rough recovery, but Gus sounds like he is ready to push through and get better.

Gus shares details on Instagram

Gus recently shared that he is training hard for season two of "Floribama Shore" and shared that he does have to cut down on the cheesecake to get back into the shape he wants to be for the show.

He has shared that he is on crutches after this injury, which does make training hard, but he has been able to figure it out somehow. Gus still looks great in the pictures he is sharing.

His recent post says, "It's not the hand that you're dealt, it's how you prove it to yourself Minor set back with the ankle injury when I was trying to train hard before season 2, but I'll make it work I promise!

Just gotta cut my cheesecake intake down." You know that Gus will do whatever it takes to get back in shape and to look great on season two of "Floribama Shore."

Are you excited for the second season of "Floribama Shore"? Did you realize that Gus had dealt with this injury? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss the new season of "Floribama Shore" when it returns to MTV.

The exact return date hasn't been shared yet, but it is obvious that Gus will be here once again. Hopefully, the entire cast from season one of "Floribama Shore" comes back again. The fans loved watching their drama and will enjoy it once again.