scheana marie has fans majorly confused with her latest tweet regarding her relationship with former boyfriend Robert Parks-Valletta. Following a number of rumors suggesting that the longtime star of "Vanderpump Rules" and longtime waitress of SUR Restaurant had hooked up with "Summer House" star Carl Radke, Scheana Marie began chatting about her ex-parnter on Twitter.

After a fan tweeted to Scheana Marie, telling her to get over the relationship and noting that she and Robert Parks-Valletta hadn't dated very long, she fired back at the woman, claiming that she and the actor have actually been dating on and off for 11 years.

"You’re right," she sarcastically replied to the fan. "Off and on for 11 years isn’t long at all." Right away, fans were taken aback. After all, Scheana Marie was married to Mike Shay until early 2017 and had been with the musician since 2010.

Scheana Marie and Mike Shay were together for seven years

Upon further questions from fans who didn't understand how she could have been on and off with Robert Parks-Valletta for 11 years when she was with her former husband for seven years, Scheana Marie said that she had dated the actor for four years on and off prior to her relationship with Mike Shay. "Then were friends. Then got back together," she explained.

Fans doubt the attraction between Scheana Marie and Robert Valletta

As Scheana continued to defend her relationship, as she's been doing for the past several weeks, she told her fans and followers that her relationship with the actor wasn't a "three-month fling." And it wasn't. The couple first began their post-divorce relationship with one another just weeks after Scheana and Mike Shay called it quits and went public with their romance in February 2017.

Then, in August of that same year, their relationship came to an abrupt end after six months as Scheana continued filming the sixth season of "Vanderpump Rules."

"If [you were] so in love [with Robert Parks-Valletta] then why [did you] ]marry somebody else?" a fan asked in response to the details of the reality star's dating timeline.

"Stop making yourself look silly," they further advised.

It was also suggested that Scheana should tune in to recently aired episodes of "Vanderpump Rules" and take note of her behavior. "Dear, he might have dated [you] on and off but he [doesn't] value [you] as a girlfriend or you [two] would have been together way before now," the fan added.