jill zarin and Bethenny Frankel have been through some issues over the years, but it looks like these two have finally made up and are getting along great. These stars of "RHONY" just couldn't work through their past and become friends again, but that has all changed. US Magazine shared that these two have now worked through their issues. This all happened since Bobby Zarin passed away recently.

Jill and Bethenny had issues

If you remember, back in season three of "The Real Housewives of New York City" Jill and Bethenny had a big falling out. Everything thought these two would never work through their issues, but somehow they have been able to do it.

Honestly, it sounds like they haven't just made up, but instead, it sounds like things are going great for them. A source shared the details about it all saying, "Jill and Bethenny have truly made up, and Bethenny has been there for Jill more than any other Housewife. Bethenny has spent a lot of time with Jill at her apartment, and has called her every day. She has gone above and beyond for Jill and Jill is so grateful."

Jill Zarin lost her husband Bobby recently after a long battle with cancer. This has been hard on her. The couple was very much in love and she has needed friends to help her through this hard time. Back in 2016, she shared that his cancer had spread to his brain and Bobby was just never able to recover.

Bethenny did show up to his memorial and a lot of people didn't think she would be there. It sounds like this was the start of these two fixing their relationship and it has just worked out for them. It is great to see these two finally getting along once again and hopefully, it can end up staying that way for them.

Source shares more details

That isn't all that the source shared. They went on to share more details saying that Bethenny is in a totally different place now. Things have changed over the last few years for her for sure. That might be a big part of why they were able to make things work now. The source even explained that bethenny frankel realizes what went down with Jill isn't as big of a deal as what has went down with other housewives in the past.

The source also shared that being a mom has really made Bethenny "softer." Once you are a mom, a lot of things change for people.

Are you surprised to hear that Jill Zarin and Bethenny Frankel are doing so well? Do you feel like these two can be friends now? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.