MTV's “The Challenge: Vendettas” has gotten off to a wild start, and there are some potential romances blossoming among the fierce vendetta battles. Brad Fiorenza is back in the mix of things again, and his flirtation with Britni Thornton has people buzzing. Viewers watched Brad and former “Challenge” star Tori Hall fall in love on-screen, and now Tori is speaking out about their difficult divorce and the status of Brad and Britni's relationship.

'Challenge' fans loved watching Fiorenza and Hall fall in love

Brad Fiorenza and Tori Hall fell for one another during “The Gauntlet III” on MTV in 2008, and they got married in 2010.

Brad and Tori have two sons together, Brady and Chase, but they quietly split in August 2015. According to Us Magazine, Fiorenza and Hall's divorce was final in December 2016, but “Challenge” viewers weren't necessarily up on all of these developments when “Vendettas” began airing.

The quick hookup between Fiorenza and Thornton of MTV's “Are You the One?” has set tongues wagging. However, Hall says that there was no cheating on Brad's part, and their marriage had been over for quite some time before he connected with Britni. The former “Challenge” couple has an agreement not to share much in the way of details regarding their split, but Tori notes that their split came as they ultimately realized they didn't agree on anything as a couple and weren't on the same page in life.

Things are tense between Brad and Tori over 'Vendettas'

Tori says that she's not watching “Challenge: Vendettas,” and she notes that she's in a happy place in her life despite the difficult divorce. Hall notes via Us Weekly that Brad and Britni have continued dating post-filming, and Tori thinks that Fiorenza and Thornton may actually make a better pair than she and her ex-husband did.

She details that she has met Britni briefly, but adds that Brady and Chase have not met her yet.

Hall admits that knowing Fiorenza connected with Thornton on the show stings, and it seems that all of this talk has Brad firing back about his ex-wife's sudden openness. The “Challenge: Vendettas” star shared a string of tweets noting that Tori chose to dissolve their family, and he says he's tried to be quiet.

Fiorenza alleges that Hall has been sharing dishonest statements about him for a year, and he is considering firing back to prove how she has provoked issues regarding their situation.

Tori isn't done talking yet, as she's set to do a podcast this week with gossip guru Reality Steve, known for his "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" spoilers. Can Brad Fiorenza and Britni Thornton succeed in their relationship and will things smooth over with Tori Hall? MTV's "The Challenge: Vendettas" airs Tuesday nights, and fans can't wait to see what comes next.