After months of speculation that Kiki was killed by Ryan, “General Hospital” spoilers from the latest preview have revealed Kiki Jerome's fate. Fans have been buzzing for a while over the idea that Ryan would either kill Kiki or manipulate Ava into killing her, and the cliffhanger at the end of Tuesday's show (November 27) certainly made it seem that was the case. Now, answers have emerged ahead of Wednesday's show (November 28).

Kiki's demise will send shockwaves

A new preview, shared Wednesday morning via the show's Twitter page, gave away some intense “General Hospital” spoilers.

For those who were hoping that perhaps it wasn't Kiki's lifeless body that was left in Curtis and Jordan's honeymoon suite, it looks like it was indeed. In the new preview, Jordan is seen on the phone, reporting a homicide, as she stands in her wedding dress. There are glimpses of Kiki, foiling any hopes that it might have been someone else left in the room, or that Kiki might still be alive.

The text in the clip teases that one event will change a town forever and many Port Charles residents are shown looking crushed. There's also a quick glimpse of Ava and Ryan in bed together, as well as two people heard uttering sounds of heartbreak.

The investigation into Kiki's death will get intense

How does this case move forward? “General Hospital” spoilers via SheKnows Soaps share that in the coming week, Griffin will be pleading his case and both Jordan and Chase will soon find clues helpful to their investigation. Jordan will become obsessed with this case and it sounds as if Chase will dig further into Mary Pat's murder, with hopes of learning more about Kiki's gruesome death.

Ava will be facing plenty of questions as well, but she'll also surely struggle with her daughter's death, given what a bad place their relationship was at the time of the murder.

Ryan's evil ways will continue

What will it take for someone to figure out that Ryan has been posing as Kevin and murdering these people? Who else will die before he is caught?

"General Hospital" spoilers suggest that this storyline will touch nearly every person throughout Port Charles, as the weight of Kiki's death weighs on everybody. Viewers have been leery of this Ryan storyline, but the writers have definitely upped the ante by having him kill someone central to the cast.

Stay tuned for additional "General Hospital" spoilers as they emerge. While it had been anticipated that Hayley Erin might be leaving the role of Kiki, as she's moving on to a primetime show, the circumstances of her character's death are certainly shocking and heartbreaking.