Today Blasting News got the chance to talk to Josh Murray about his big return to reality television. Josh is on this season of "The Challenge" on MTV. He is best-known for his time on "The Bachelorette" and "Bachelor in Paradise." Josh also joined a season of "Famously Single" on E!.

So why did Josh decide to join reality television again?

Josh Murray admits that he didn't think he would ever do reality television again after the way that "Bachelor in Paradise" edited him, but here he is once again. He knew he wouldn't do another dating show, but this is totally different and when he was approached with the idea of joining "The Challenge" he loved the charity aspect of the show and also that this was more his realm, seeing it was about being physical.

Josh decided to go for it.

Josh is trying to win money for his favorite charity, which is called ESP (Extra Special People.) Josh has been working with this charity since 2009 and has a lot of fun working with the kids. He shared that they don't focus on their disability, but instead on what ability they have. They offer camps, after-school programs and more for kids. Murray loved the idea of possibly being able to win $150,000 for this charity.

This show was a lot harder than he realized and Josh said he had "no idea what to expect." He hadn't watched it in a long time but did catch the last season to know what it was all about. Josh revealed that on "The Challenge" you have to "expect the unexpected" and when it got hard for him he just had to remember the kids and focus on that.

It is going to be interesting to see what all Josh has to do this season on the show.

Josh's love life update

Josh Murray shared that we will never see him on a show that is from "The Bachelor" producers again. He didn't love the way he was edited and feels that it is best to move on from this franchise. Josh doesn't have plans to join another show about finding love either, but that doesn't mean that he has given up on finding love if the right girl comes along.

Right now, he has been dating casually, but he hasn't found the girl he wants to call his girlfriend just yet. Josh shared that he would get married and have kids "yesterday" if it happened for him.

For now, you can watch Josh Murray on "The Challenge" on MTV. He shared that if the right opportunity came along he would consider reality television once again, but at the start, his plan had just been to go on one show, hopefully, find love and get married.