For several months on "The Young and the Restless," Ashley has been treating Ravi like a boy toy. They spent the weekend at the Abbott cabin and returned to Genoa City with business as usual attitudes. Each time he wants to take her somewhere public there is always an excuse. Last week the couple spent a night in a hotel, but afterward, Ashley once again put him off and has refused his every attempt to make their relationship public knowledge. On Tuesday (Dec. 5), after yet another rebuttal, Ravi decided to jump ship and betray the woman he loves.

He accepted Victoria's offer and is leaving Jabot to work at Newman.

Ashley has taken Ravi for granted

Ravi wants to go on actual dates and have a real relationship, but Ashley seems content to limit their time together to an occasional sleepover. On Monday (Dec. 4), Ms. Abbott once again turned down his attempt to legitimize their companionship. On Tuesday, however, she asked him if they could have another night together and he reluctantly agreed. Later, Ravi ran into Victora, who offered him a lucrative deal to come work for her at Newman.

Initially, Ravi refused by saying he had to remain loyal to Ashley. Later, however, after processing the way he is being treated by his lover/boss, he had a change of heart.

He called Victoria and told her he would gladly accept her offer to work at Newman. It's obvious he is tired of being taken for granted and Ashley is going to be in absolute shock. She has taken this man for granted and now she will see just what she threw away.

Ravi working at Newman is a major step in the right direction

In spite of all he brought to the table at Jabot, it was clear that Mr.

Shapur was always going to be an outsider. Working for Ashley and not really knowing where he stood in regard to her feelings for him was difficult. Initially, it seemed as if Ms. Abbott was somewhat embarrassed because of their age difference. Over time, it became clear that she simply wanted this young man at her disposal, and when she was not in the mood, he was to be an employee and nothing more.

Ravi accepting the offer to work at Newman is a major step in the right direction. He has now removed himself from a toxic relationship and is showing Ashley that he will no longer be at her beck and call. Working for Victoria will be quite a different experience and romance probably will not be in the cards. Vicky's ex-husband, J.T. Helstrom, is slated to return on December 12 so stay tuned. "The Young and the Restless" airs weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM.