We are all aware of the beautiful and swooning love-story between Jared and Genvieve Padalecki. You do not have to be a devoted fan who watched the whole series five times (Guilty!) and attends all the conventions, to know how the amazing “Supernatural” family came to be. However, what some fans might not be aware of, is why did Ruby, an intriguing love interest for Sam Winchester, die in the Season 4 finale? The answer is love itself.

The origins of their story

When the character of Ruby was created, the writers had different plans for her. She was introduced in the beginning of Season 3 as someone who saved Sam’s life and wanted to help save Dean’s.

She was the one who gave them the demon-killing knife, showed Bobby how to fix the Colt, and went to Hell to save the Winchesters. When Dean inevitably went to Hell due to the demon deal he made to save Sam’s life (we do not need reminders of those two soul-wrenching episodes!), Sam was left all alone. For a while, he struggled to bring Dean back, and when no demon wanted to make a deal with him, Ruby came to the rescue. She crawled her way from Hell and Lilith, in order to help him. Not only did she help him deal with his brother’s death, but she made him fall for her too. Under her tutelage, Sam Winchester started to utilize his abilities and became so powerful, any demon was afraid to go near him.

When Dean came back and Chuck questioned why Sam was doing all of this, Sam started to realize the immorality of his doings, and that these powers are endangering his humanity.

Why did they not end up together?

In the Season 4 finale, Ruby revealed her true colors and said that all of this was for Lucifer and Lilith. She turned out to be the ultimate villain and a shocking Plot Twist.

Although Ruby turning out to be a bad guy seems like a good twist, there were some inconsistencies. Some of the actions she did had no ulterior motive, besides for a genuine care for Sam, so her being such an evil character, does not add up. Turns out, there is a reason for this inconsistency. Initially, Ruby was supposed to be Sam’s ultimate love interest, they were supposed to end up together and get married, according to the “Supernatural” writers.

However, something disrupted their plans. When Jared and Genevieve announced their engagement, the writers thought it would be too cheesy to have them end up together in the series as well.

Jared and Genvieve Padalecki make an amazing couple on and off screen, and although we are happy to see them together with such an amazing family (Tom, Shep, and little Odette), it would have been nice to see Sam Winchester end up with his true love on screen too.