"Shameless" fans are expressing a lot of concern and worry about what is to come for the Gallagher family -- one member in particular -- in the second half of Season 8. There are major rumors and potential spoiler circulating Twitter that have fans scared something very devastating could be coming for Ian Gallager.

'Shameless' writer braces for hate mail

Not a fan of spoilers? Then it may be best for you to turn back at this point. Below are potential "Shameless" Season 8 spoilers concerning Ian. Early in November "Shameless" writer John Wells did an interview with Entertainment Voice, revealing some plot lines coming up in Season 8 that have set Twitter ablaze.

Wells revealed that there is an upcoming storyline for Ian that was going to pi** fans off, and they will be expecting truckloads of hate mail coming at them for it.

'Shameless' rumors run amok on social media

That being said, social media and "Shameless" fans have taken this comment and run with it. Potential Ian storylines according to the rumor mill, social media, and Facebook groups reveal a great fear that something terrible is going to happen with Ian.

In one rumored spoiler it is believed that Ian will be getting terrible news about Mickey, possibly news of his death. If true, this would potentially be the type of hurt that could push Ian into a major bipolar episode, one that might end with Ian attempting to end his own life.

This would send fans into an outrage, not to mention put the Gallagher family through intense pain. Many fans are hoping that this does not come to pass. The two final potential spoiler rumors reveal that Ian could become very confused and begin a relationship with the homeless girl he helped out during last week's episode.

Finally, as previously reported, it is a big possibility that since Mickey is a fugitive and Ian helped him escape to Mexico, the police could come after Ian and send him to prison for aiding and abetting.

In Season 7, Ian and Mickey were caught on surveillance cameras a few times together: at the bank when Ian withdrew cash for Mickey, and at several gas stations along the way to the border.

Sending Ian to prison for this would devastate the Gallagher family, the shows fans, and could affect Ian's health and well-being, especially if he is targeted in prison. What are your thoughts? What potential Ian Gallagher storyline do you believe could send fans into a hate mail frenzy? Don't miss out, "Shameless" Season 8 airs on Sunday nights on Showtime.