The "Shameless" season 8 premiere date of November 5 can't get here fast enough for fans, and with the new season's filming still taking place, there are a few things fans really hope to see this season. Top on the "Shameless" fans' wishlist starts with Mickey Milkovich's return. Fans just cannot get enough of Ian and Mickey. They are for sure the show's "IT" couple according to the majority of "Shameless" Facebook groups.

Gallagher and Milkovich families linked for life?

From the beginning, fans have been pulling for Ian and Mickey. In fact, it seems that all fans feel that the Gallagher and Milkovich families are destined to be together forever.

When we last saw Ian and Mickey, it was a painful goodbye at the border of Mexico. Who would have thought that Ian would have ever decided to leave his true love, Mickey? While Ian and Trevor are very cute together, most fans just do not see these two as lifers. Unconfirmed but allegedly potential Ian and Mickey storylines could find Ian in some serious trouble with the law. After all, he did aid an escaped prisoner in fleeing the country.

Will Ian's crime catch up with him?

In doing so, Ian and Mickey head into a bank for cash. Mickey believes the two will be robbing the bank. However, Ian is only there to withdraw his savings. The problem with this is that the two are caught together on the bank's surveillance cameras.

There is also the issue with tracing gas purchases along the way with Ian Gallagher's ATM card.

The paper trail could spell nothing but trouble for Ian, who in the season 7 finale appears to have his life on track for once. That final scene alone was enough of a hint to reveal that Ian's life will be greatly impacted in season 8.

After all, this is "Shameless," and he is a Gallagher, so things are bound to implode for him once again.

As much as fans would love to see Mickey return in the upcoming season 8, it is unknown if his return will happen. If Ian is implicated in Mickey's escape, we could see the possibility of his return as a season 8 cliffhanger with Mickey returning to save Ian.

One other possible spoiler concerning Ian and Mickey might be that with Mickey long gone to Mexico, Ian and Trevor's relationship grows. The two could even possibly be planning to marry. This could also find Ian and Trevor ready to say their "I do's" and a desperate Mickey running through the door to stop the wedding.

Cliche, yes, but not out totally out of the question. How would you like to see Ian Gallagher and Mickey Milkovich's future play out in the upcoming seasons of "Shameless"?

Season 8 of "Shameless" premieres on November 5 on Showtime.